Why TRUMP is the biggest threat to the USA

Donald Trump must be impeached, arrested, tried, and punished.

I would leave it at that, but you may want to know why.  There are so many reasons.

  1. Traitor to USA, compromised by Russians
  2. Violates ethics laws
  3. Violated campaign finance laws
  4. An admitted sexual assailant before office, he is also a mysogynist, racist, white supremacist ignoramous (these last aren't crimes)
  5. Silences the masses with threats of law suits, maintains a team of lawyers to take people out -- even if they have valid claims -- and pays people off with hush money and NDA combinations.
  6. Hires undocumented workers in many of his businesses, then claims that the USA is under attack by undocumented people and we need a wall
  7. Has paid sex workers for sex
  8. Won't take any accountability for anything, uses 'fall guys' & passes blame to his underlings who he publicly fires
  9. Negligent on a range of catastrophes: Puerto Rico, California Fires, racist violence around USA, silent on Right-Wing terrorrists, etc
  10. Lies to people constantly without any pushback -- Venezuela is experiencing a coup by USA, Obama had normalized relations with Cuba which Trump ruined, he opened a dialogue with North Korea which is has subsequently mismanaged, wars in Middle East / Africa / Asia
Besides these reasons for removal from office and prosecution, he lacks the character to be a President.  He is psychologically unstable, a delusional egomaniac, a con artist, a compulsive liar.  His personal history is flawed as well -- abusive husband, many failed businesses, a racially biased real estate business, mob connections, his father was in the KKK, he has paid women to have sex (this was a crime once), and he is a sleaze bag.  He claims to be the great deal maker, but apparently doesn't understand modern economics as he arbitrarily imposes tariffs which adversely affect many industries.

While he claims to represent 'the common guy' by eating cheap quality food and participating in reality TV, his home is ridiculously opulent but in horrible taste.  He's never worked a hard day in his life until he became President.

George Bush Jr proudly claimed that he was an example of what a C student could do in the USA.  He left out "a billionaire C student".  Donald Trump is an example of what an uber-rich incompetent, megalomaniac buffoon can do in the USA.

If Trump endures 4 years of Presidency without being impeached, and is not prosecuted immediately when he leaves office, then the USA has more problems than international humiliation.  We will have signaled to the world that any charlatan can attain that high office, enact policies to destroy the USA's core social infrastructures, and leave without consequence.  THIS is the most dangerous part of all -- except perhaps for Trump having his finger on the NUKE button and also being commander in chief of our military.

Pacific Rim Uprising (ie #2) and Pacific Rim 3 -- critique & suggestions

From ScreenRant:

"Pacific Rim Uprising director Steven S. DeKnight has a plan to get "the band back together" in Pacific Rim 3. "

Heres my suggestions, as a huge fan of monster movies, mecha, kaiju, and Pacific Rim #1:

  • More robot/monster scenes!!
  • Less plot
  • Less dull explanation dialogue, more "start the clock" statements
  • the 2 dimensional/anime archetype characters of Pacific Rim 1 were fine
No one wants lots of acting scenes that have no action.  Even great actors are wasted here bc its not really dramatic tension, but rather scifi action tension -- does anyone doubt if the hero will win?  No.  The question is more 'Who will die' and 'How will the action play out'?

Fast action is ok, but stop with the "shakey cam" garbage!  We want a medium or wide shot of action, and slow mo is fine!  We expect to see monsters and robots get ripped up, and occasional deaths.

Last point -- the 'car alarm' / 'desk metal ball' thingie scenes -- they are not mandatory, but we get it.  It's an artsy moment in a ridiculous setting, and its funny/cute.  But guess what?  Its not THAT cute!  No one wants an android head cut off in every Alien movie, and we don't have to overdo this either.

Pacific Rim 3 -- lets see each Jaeger team shine for more than 2 seconds.  Let them be badasses for a bit!  And then, lets see the Kaiju in their glory!  Why are the Jaegers humanoid, btw?  Was it ever explained?  Seems like a sentence about "direct control is essier with a human body" and non-humanoid mecha can only be piloted, not ''directly controlled".  Still, I wouldnt mind a few animal mecha.  :)

We have some remaining arenas to explore, also -- space combat, other worlds (gravity, temp, etc), and of course a few remaining natural environments (jungle, desert, mountain range).

A few sidepoints -- how long does the damage from a Jaeger-Kaiju battle last?  Imagine the scarred landscapes!!

The goal is to have a pilot hero story (a la Independence Day or Top Gun), but theres nothing wrong with space opera melodrama.  But again, dont get confused and have endless dramatic nonsense.

Hacked & cracked. Wah

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Sorry everyone!

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