Olbermann Slams Bush -- Thank you!

Watch the link on Youtube. I'm hoping this starts an onslaught, b/c Bush is not legally elected and is not responsible for many positive things happening in the USA today -- and I want him OUT!!! Impeach him, America!!!

ThreeWaysMedia Music update

I updated my ThreeWaysMedia Music Website with my newest and most original whacked musical compositions (under THINK).

I'm planning to release a CD this year called "THINK" by R.E. with these tracks and a few others. I hope you'll check it out and tell me what you think, feel free to download MP3's & circulate to friends if you'd like.

On Marketing by sending Friend Requests on Myspace

After reading this interestingly argued position IN FAVOR sending friend requests on myspace as a legitimate form of marketing, I ranted the following (below):

I'm happy to be the first to disagree, but only in part.


Here's my personal angle on it --> Perhaps the concept of 'friend' is morphing b/c of myspace friends (or whatever virtual community network) as target market potential.

Whatever TOM's original idea, the issue is more HOW do I (the user) want myspace to work for me?
I use myspace to keep in touch w/friends, meet new people (occasionally), and look at billions of faces & trip out. I do NOT use it to shop or anything like that.

I think that anything that helps marketing/advertising for the little person vs the big megacorps is great. REALLY. I also like Yahoo 360, except I've only met prostitutes on there -- and I've got nothing against them either, esp since they're just doing the marketing thing as well -- but I'm not doing the marketing thing there just yet. But the question is -- are you HASSLING me?

I'd be more comfortable if you made your profile = your book, and just go market the 'book entity' to others not w/friend requests but w/messages/email to sci-fi fans. By sending me a PERSONAL friend request, and not a message from the book entity saying "Hey check me out!", I feel it IS misleading and it IS spam.

I'm wondering why no-one defines spam here?
What is spam? --> unsolicited email. PERIOD

I wish you great luck w/your book and hope you exploit this obviously busted myspace network.

And you ARE clearly spamming. If someone says you're not spamming, perhaps they don't know what spam really is? I don't recall asking for your marketing of your product, did I?

My fav part of your writeup was you using the software to spam the myspace network -- did you REALLY care that it was an exploit? That it was violating terms of use?

There are articles now about people who have gotten 10k+ friends on myspace who are being paid to market things and do commercials. So bulking up your fake-friend lists is going to pay, i guess.

I think what's most disappointing is that 'market driven capitalism' in the USA invades all spaces and takes over everything, including the culture itself. (Just look at your t-shirt, your computer, your music, even your porn!) Everything, even the music that rose from counter-capitalism, counter-white aryan nation, and counter-culture (ie Reggae/Rap/Punk/Electronic/Metal/Grunge), gets absorbed so fast and productized/commoditized that people barely have a chance to absorb it.

If Public Enemy records can go PLATINUM ... and not ever get put up on the radio, there is clearly a power in the non-radio non-TV word-of-mouth world.

Which brings me back to SPAM --> yet another way to inject a viral marketing scheme into the social fabric. I hope people remember that too many viruses can weaken and eventually KILL the infected host...

I suggest everyone begin virally marketing earth-positive and life-positive concepts, such as:

Triple Green Bottom Line in Business = People, Planet, and then Profits

Your Dollar is stronger than your Vote.

American Capitalism 2006: Afer years of giving our financial power to a wealthy class because we were supposedly not intelligent enough to determine our nation's ideal course, we are just starting to feel the impact of their poor decision making and an unstoppable selfishness unfettered by morality.

The Corporate Wars have begun. Are you in one, or are you no one?

Slavery hasn't ended, and the much needed reparations haven't started.

PEACE is not optional.

and with that, I'm out. -- threewaysmedia.com in effect!