Simon Wiesenthal Dies 9/20 - Question of Nazi legacy

Simon Weisenthal, Nazi Hunter died in his sleep last night.

Another hero goes. I wonder if he will be covered in the media?
I sure hope so.

I often wonder if the Nazis have re-infected the USA again -- but 'rebranded' themselves as, 'hip New-Age Christian Gen-X'ers' or something? Does everyone know about the extreme Christianity in Nazi Germany?
A quote from that linked page "One must not forget that Germany represented the most Christianized country in the world in the 1930s and 40s."

Crooks & - Thank you

Jon Stewart -- he delivers!
If that's not clear enough, what the heck is?!??!
(His speech follows the tradition of another American hero, Michael Moore, at his Oscar performance.)

I can't imagine how hard it must be to tell the truth from THE HEART of the propoganda machine -- at their own awards ceremony. (I've had major stage fright giving presentations in Spanish class, or teaching 300 people how to use software, or playing bass in a gig with my last band. Not quite the same scale! HA HA)

One worry is that media can actually consume it's own 'counter-media', and rather than spawning any true 'anti-fascist' actions, counter-media may encourage media consumers to just sit & watch the battles for their world on TV.

Corinna & I are having a 'sign-making' party in Berkeley in preparation for the SF Peace Rally supporting the huge March on Washington on 9/24 @ 11am @ Dolores Park.

The marchers have permits to protest directly in front of the White House! I was amazed to hear that. They're estimating at least 500k marchers in Washington, DC! To me, that's Democracy: people demanding representation.

To quote a beautiful slogan, "Don't Tread on Me!" and "No Taxation Without Representation!" Some parts of history are cyclical -- sorta.

Game Obsession -- Eye of Rana and Rocketmen

OK, so I love these games. And I'm 34 years old. And I've never played them. So I guess it's a bad sign, eh? HA HA

Eye of Rana

First, Eye of Rana. It's a copy of my all-time favorite computer game, Rogue (although I always preferred other copies of Rogue, called Rogue-Likes.) And you can play this game on a cellphone. That's awesome...
It was a great time-waster then, and it is still. It never had the graphics, and that was fine -- it has randomness, replayability, and strategy. A rare combo. Diablo, Doom, and other games were at least partially inspired by Rogue, although Rogue was never graphically violent.


As for Rocketmen, I really like the little space ship models. They're awesome. I bought a pack of their Pirates game, b/c they looked so damned cool. And the gameplay is simple, and somehow elegant.

Yes, I am game obsessed. :)

Star Wars Personality Test

I did the Star Wars personality test, and I'm Chewbacca!

Guess I'm not THAT surprised. I'm hairy and loyal and good w/things, so I figured it'd happen.

Faith is BACK -- thx Astrologer

Well, that was quick. Paid a friendly Astrologer, Charles Vickers (2nd picture on right) to do some advanced reading. And he says I'm quite likely to job hop this year, esp right now thru Oct.

Funny, but that really supercharges me!! I'm ready to get OUT of here and on to the next thing, definitely!

And also, so much else in my life is fluctuating -- engaged, moving in w/Corinna in Sept -- it's exciting. And worrisome too, but for some reason my faith is restored.

It's all gonna work out! Somehow, it always does...