Baby Baby Baby

Lennon came to us after 22 hrs of labor at 8.5 lbs & 21". He's a healthy kid, has a wonderful smile, and he's our first.

My amazing wife is healing. Was a rough ride, but she came thru like a trooper.

Thanks to Katrina & Chris for staying with us and being lifesavers!

Comment to Bloomberg Businessweek's "Occupy Wall Street" pseudo-news story

Bloomberg Businessweek had an article about the so-called "news" re: a controversy beween Ben Cohen & Occupy Wall St regarding a car Cohen donated to Occupy.  Here's the story

I felt compelled to comment on the story, which I did -- reprinting here:

Dear Bloomberg Business Week -- quite interesting to cover an Occupy Wall Street non-story here, but amazing that you bypassed all the actual positions of the Occupy Movement!!

Some could call it chutzpah, some might call is balls, but I'll call it something else -- a complete lack of perspective.

First, to mention some of the issues of the Occupy Wall St movement:

  • Wall Street sabotaged the USA economy by risky business practices which may include fraud, collusion, graft, and more. No one went to jail, but many executives got bonuses while working people lost their homes. Not to mention the bailout using public money to subsidize private businesses.
  • Addresses the controversial (or duplicitous?) tactic of condoning/advocating "free market capitalism" and yet, when free market capitalism completely fails and the public is forced to bailout the private sector (w/o any public referendum), where is the "I call shenanigans!!!" or cry of dismay or cry of bullsh*t ?? And then these institutions continue to advocate for 'free market capitalism' after having reaped the benefits of society paying for their losses?
  • Corporations having rights protected while dodging tax requirements (and simultaneously exploiting govt subsidies), while actual people are having our rights over-ridden while our taxes result in less social benefits for people
  • The rights of the people must be more significant than the rights of corporate financial USA, or we will lose our rights & become peons in a neo-feudal society.

Etc etc.

Now that the *REAL STORY* has been covered, here's my response to this story: this is not a news story. This is not journalism. This is a completely unnecessary smear job.

So please, I'm asking nicely, increase your news coverage to cover 10% of the Occupy Movement's issues (likely what 99% of your readers are interested in anyway) -- and perhaps Bloomberg Businessweek will actually qualify as journalism.

Let's vote for Obama 2012

Well, I'm not 1000% into Obama, but he's light-years better than Romney, who I see as a fascist.

A friend of mine who's quite 'Left Wing' (a fellow radical, not a 'progressive' or 'liberal') believes Obama's policies are too Right wing to earn his vote (namely: assassinating people, upgrading the drone war, continuing many Bush policies, growing the military, weakening public sector, anti-Union, pro-finance, overlooking Bush/Cheney's war crimes & corruption & 9/11 scandal, etc) -- but in a 2 party system I feel compelled to vote for one of the 2.
I wish it was NOT a 2 party system, and I wish Obama was a Left-winger, but for today I'll work with what exists.

So here's some fun stuff:
Sam L Jackson's Obama Ad

It's worth watching, funny, and paid for by the "Jewish Council for Education & Research" (?!?!), see (their website).

Sarah Silverman, "Let my people vote" video,

I took at look & found Sarah Silverman's Obama ad, "The Great Schlep", also *hilarious* (From prvs 2008 election).

Somewhat related last tidbits:
  • If you have Netflix or Cable/DISH/U-verse (or similar way to get media), I hope you can give Sarah Silverman's "Jesus is Magic" movie a viewing (  You may cry with laughter, or you might hate it.  I thought it was amazing -- bought the DVD, have watched it 10x.
  • I had to edit this blog in Firefox b/c I couldn't edit the html in Chrome browser!  (But Google makes blogger!!!  --->  FAIL!!!)