BrassRing jobsite -- SUCKS!

Brassing SUCKS!  I'd like to say it 100x.

There was a job I wished to apply for -- finally something which is a good fit for me.  It was only posted on BrassRing's jobsite.  Against my best wishes, I signed up.

I regret the experience already.  I'd like to have a chat with the designer of the website.

Many job-sites understand that applicants are their clients as much as the companies seeking new employees -- and thus they make the sites relatively easy to submit your information.  In fact, the best sites upload your resume (pdf or doc or rtf) and scan it for info, show the applicant how their info was scanned (ie parsed), and then allow the applicant to add additional materials as needed.

BrassRing on the other hand requires the user to create a ridiculous username/password combination (including a password of 8 characters which *must* have a 'special character'), then immediately asks users to submit a 'unique number' consisting of their month and day of their birthday plus the first 6 numbers of their social security. 
Perhaps I won't get this job, but I did not submit this info -- why should I reveal my personal info to a third party that doesn't have any type of contact info on their website?!?!?

Anyway, despite all the relevant info being listed on my resume, the website asks me to manually retype my education and work experience.  What I've chosen to do to bypass much of these badly designed HR systems is to put my most recent work experience and my college, and leave everything else off.

But the end of this rant is near; the information revolution is all around us, but bad designers sabotage the revolution continuously.  Rather than me inputting our data one million times, the 'open signon' and 'open protocols' should be enabled so I can have my profile configured and appearing however I wish, have that content marked up by XML so these HR sites can peruse me and parse my data, but I can present what I wish -- and not present my social or personal info that is not relevant.  If we can't get this done with opensource, maybe Linkedin will do it for us?

The future is almost here -- or so they tell me -- but for jobhunting, it's got a ways to go yet.

iPhone OS5 -- the big update is not so exciting

I think the update could be called IOS 4S also.
Basically, not very elegant in many ways.

  • bolding/italicizing in email. Gee, wouldn't a toolbar have made sense here?
  • pull down alert screen (so called notifications) -- Gee, how fun is it to manually configure each app in it's own individual menu, something you have to repeat over & over -- and the choices are *NOT* intuitive.
  • what a great OS update! Deleted *all* my apps and all my music! Thanks Apple!
  • mark email unread is now hidden under 'mark', w/choices of flag or unread. Why?
  • many changes are things I preferred the old way -- but guess what, you can't have it be that way! Why? B/c it's Apple.
  • new slider knobs are dumb, I liked the old ones.
  • AppStore has changed a lot. Now lists *every* app I ever installed. No filtering option (except search by name), so I can't just look at games, or music apps -- it's all or nothing. Not handy -- but at least now it seems to know what I bought, rather than forcing me when re-downloading to click '$2.99' again & hope I wouldn't get charged again.
  • how do you change font size / color of pull down notifications? Oh, you can't?
  • how do you change font size/color of pop up top-line notification? Oh, you can't?
  • how do you make notifications not show the preview of the email (but leave preview on in mail app)? Oh, you can't?
  • why does my battery life drop much faster now than before? I turned off 'push' and change to fetch every '15 min's so it doesn't drain noticeably while I'm using phone (iPhone 4).
Hey, I admit iOS 5 has a lot of cool new features -- but not all are 'well designed' or 'elegant', as Apple claims to be with most of it's design changes.

I do like the Calendar weekly view, I like 'flipping' the days, I like the moving timeline overlaid on the calendar.

I want to like Reminders -- but the UI sucks, doesn't integrate with Calendar (why not?), and most options are buried in a few clicks away & not so intuitive *where* to click.

Newsstand? Uh, how about no thank you?  I used a tip to file it away -- done!

Book Reader <-- hey, update erased/deleted all my books! Thanks for that, Apple!

And lastly, iCloud. Ah, yes, iCloud.  "Back up your address book, your emails, your notes, and any/all app data online" ... and then when we get hacked & have our personal data exposed to the world, have our bank accounts defrauded and our blackmailed for mistresses or porn -- do you think you have *any* recourse at putting Apple in a lawsuit? HA HA HA You *KNOW* your EULA included no liability on their part for your password sucking & someone getting all your personal data.
Your *only* protections from (yes *FROM*) iCloud insecurity are as follows: a) disable iCloud, b) disable iCloud for apps which might have any personal info you might have & perhaps your photostream, or c) hope that there are so many millions of users that the odds of you getting hacked are small.
Yes, that's right -- the cloud is *the least* secure place to post all your backup data. But, if your house catches on fire, you lose your iPhone,  or your harddrive(s) die(s), you might get some of your data & photos back.