Looper - review

Redbox'ed "Looper", a scifi movie w/Bruce Willis, Jason Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt. I give it 6 stars out of possible 10. (Sidebar -- saw Dredd ~ 2 weeks ago, and thanks to Karl Urban nailing it, I'd give that 7stars out of 10. Had mor...e style points and a convenient 'slo mo' drug that looked cool, & had some RoboCop spirit / style.)

Anyway, I wouldn't say Looper was a great film in any sense of the word. But it had some interesting bits. Happy to watch scifi that had a little mental stimulation. I didn't think Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a good job as a young Bruce Willis at all, but didn't seem important for the overall film.
  • Advertising really misrepresented film.
  • If you follow the logic, has some serious incest going on...?
  • Missed how kid becomes "Rainmaker" during his life. Guess that info wasn't necessary...?
  • Had some cool steampunk references, like "Gat Man" and "Blunderbuss". (Flying bikes didn't make any sense but you could tell someone said "c'mon, we gotta have 'em". Incongruency points!)
While I like 'time travel' movies which have the 'no paradox possible' concept, and that time resolves itself (via some undisclosed mechanism which, frankly, makes zero sense -- but needs some scifi name like "temporal particle rebalancing", ha ha), generally the writers can't hope to keep stuff 'in sync'.

P90X - Day 5, & day 7 'wrap up'

Update - I have now done 5 workouts in 6 days.  (I was too exhausted on Thurs to do the workout, due to graveyard shift + extra 4 hours of taking care of baby while my partner works.)  I decided that my 'day off' will be Thurs rather than Sun, so I had to change my workouts a bit.

As I stated previously, I'm also scaling the workouts back significantly as a part of "building up a base" of conditioning.  Even still, doing approx 1/2 or less of the workouts (which is quite challenging for me), I'm noticing all kinds of improvement -- back and chest feel stronger, my arms and legs feel powerful.

Another observation -- I dubiously bought "Muscle Milk" from GNC to try after a workout.  Despite being somewhat sore generally, I did the "Legs & Back" workout -- but skipped the Ab-Ripper X (actually b/c of time, but also I thought 2x in the first week was enough).  I was surprised how many reps I could do and how good I felt.  Doing pull-ups, I did noticeably more -- even though I was still easily exhausted and did nothing like what they do in the videos.

So after I showered & got ready for work (@ 9:30pm), I grabbed the Muscle Milk and took a big swig, then ran out the door to get some dinner on the way to work.  I stopped at Gordo's (an ok Mexican restaurant nearby) and got a beef & chicken taco (rather than normal 'super burrito', which has rice & more tortilla and cheese).  On my way to work, I finished the drink -- and it did taste chemical-ish.  Not 'bad', but not wonderful.

But at work, I noticed through the night that almost all the muscle soreness was gone.  I feel that my muscles are still swollen, puffy from the workouts, but no pain.  ZERO.  And normally I drink a lot of coffee to do the graveyard shift, but I only drank 1 1/2 cups.  That's significantly less -- maybe there's stimulants in the drink?  Now I'll consider trying the 'Whey Protein' powder I have (it's a lot cheaper), and see if it has a similar effect. 

I have to admit -- I'm impressed.  If this is the secret path to doing extreme workouts and not having any pain, I may do it.  But I don't really want any ingredients going into me which are unhealthy for long-term.

Another note: despite it's challenging nature, I like Ab-Ripper X and am stunned at my improvement after just a few repetitions of the video.  In preparation, I could barely do 20 situps.  In my first playback, I could not do most of the situps, but I tried to do some.  In the second playback, I could do noticeably more reps of each move -- but my abs were too sore to do some moves.  So I didn't push it.  I guess that's a good way to go -- just build the base, don't let my ego get involved.

Update 1/23
Well, I got in 1 week of P90X and then stopped.  First I missed a day, which became 2 & then 3 and then it was hard to start back up.

Observations:  I really liked the workouts, and doing 1/2 workout might be a good way to get 'a base' to someday do whole workout.  I'm not in physical shape to do 10 pullups, let alone 50+.  But the workouts were damned good and hit every area.

My knees were a little beat up from Yoga & Jump Training, but the Kenpo X was surprisingly one of the harder workouts -- which surprised me bc my martial arts background is better than all the other stuff.  Maybe it's b/c I did that workout 100%, while I slacked deliberately on the others...?

So I got the '10 Minute Trainer' videos & will give them a try.  I'm not done w/P90X, though -- but w/new kid and working graveyards, it's a hard time in my life to devote 60-90 min's a day for workouts...

P90X 2013

Started P90X on Jan 1, 2013 (my 2nd attempt, but my first serious attempt). I've been prepping for it for a few weeks -- just doing push-ups, sit-ups, and running laps indoors at work.

I committed to myself in Dec I would go for it. My weight is the most I've ever been (230 lbs for 6'2" guy) and I haven't been motivated to excercise significantly for months (a year?) bc of working graveyard shifts. Having our first child in Oct was a blessing AND another reason to get some muscle tone. (He's already ~15lbs & not gonna get any lighter!)

My biggest issue w/P90X previously was finding the time (since I sleep during days), the intensity of the workouts, not understanding the diet program, and my wife not being into it (actually, she was initially & did a few workouts, but she quickly hurt herself).
I've found it's easy to injure yourself bc the workouts are tough and my 'starting point' is not very fit.  So I committed to doing between 1/2 & 2/3rds of the workouts to start, not pushing myself hard at first, and just learning and trying.  Working on my 'base'.

It's still hard!!!

I'm going to track my progress in this blog -- and on my iPhone, and on paper, trying to keep motivated. Taking the photos was motivating -- I was surprised just how out of shape I looked from different angles. Those pics will *never be seen* -- unless in 3 months I look a lot better!
I make it easy by putting the videos on my PS3 and hitting play -- much easier than digging up DVD's.  I love PS3 'VOD' functionality -- in some ways it's way better than our Comcast DVR!
Our 5 year 'anniversary' of when we first met is Jan 1st.  My wife has resumed working out, and I didn't want to fall behind.  So that was more motivation to go for it.