Green-ocrats -- if we can't beat 'em...

This is a reprint of a email I sent to my fellow Green party members.

Green Party friends, & others reading my blog (

Here's my latest 'radical' idea:

I'd like the Green party to intentionally 'spin off' a group inside the Democratic Party, similar in theory to the Tea Baggers, perhaps called 'Green-ocrats', who say clearly that they are Democrats who include the entire Green Party platform in their platform.

3 advantages to this tactic:
We can run very Green candidates in primaries,
We can exploit Democrat party funding and popularity, &
We can help pull Dem's (and the nation) to the Left.

I guess it's a strange idea, but we could call ourselves 'radicals in liberal clothing' or something humorous?

When Ralph Nader took money from the Republicans, he said it was bc the 2 parties were basically the same. I thought that message was good (despite it backfiring on him/us in the media), but there was another answer implied in his statement: the Dem's need to be pulled HARD to the LEFT to become differentiated.
Since the teabaggers strategy is working so well to bring out the reactionary Right-Wing lunatics, why not immitate their success?

Does cannibalizing ourselves and 'joining the sellouts' sound RADICAL enough to anyone?

*Fine point* - all Green-ocrats keep their Green Party allegiance EXPLICIT.


Peace - NOW

Ps: if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em -- & make 'em Lefties!

CNN vs Craigslist -- continuing biased, limited reporting

[I emailed this to CNN and posted this comment in Anderson Cooper's CNN blog listing the story, reprinting it here:]

Commenting against craigslist without discussing
the argument of "freedom of speech" is truly awful.

Child porn & prostitution is not the fault of craigslist. It's more a product of class war and capitalism without concern for the lower classes of society. Furthermore, stopping craigslist from freedom of speech weakens the USA and weakens the society.

The govt should protect the children & do something more intelligent with prostitution, like many Euro countries.

The real story is that by making prostitution illegal, prostitutes go to pimps for help & protection. The govt could take care of these women & not criminalize them.

Sorry, CNN, your 'objective' reporting sucks now and it has continually sucked on so many stories (like the peace marches before Iraq war, like the 9/11 evidence of 'inside job', like always calling Iraqis and Afghanis "insurgents" instead of citizens + never giving us even ballpark casualty estimates for the countries the USA has invaded).

CNN has a lot of room for improvement.