Dem's ask us for dough

The Dem's sent me a personal email asking for a donation.  I'll probably give something -- bc the Republicans are THAT BAD.
but I wrote them back a letter, which I've reproduced here:

Dear COO & Obama-ites,

I'm a Green Party person.
The dem's always cave to the center, 
which is actually Right wing, 
& leave the real Left behind.
Then you ask us for money??

Did you know we are called ACTIVISTS
bc we DO STUFF?!?  Appeal to us &
you will get active, motivated volunteers!!

I'm willing to donate IF you take a hard line
on at least ONE Left Wing issue:
Open Primaries & debates to 3rd parties (ie democracy),
Cut military spending in half (esp during 'Great Recession'),
Commit to 90% alternative / renewable power,
Stop all KILLING in fake anti-terrorist (OIL) wars,
Resume 9/11 investigation & make Bush testify,
Impeach Bush for war crimes,
or commit to reparations for people with slave ancestry.

Why leave a big demographic behind &
suck up to corporations, ignorance, & fascism?

*Get Left* and I'll be there for you.

(I did vote for Obama in '08 & will vote
for him again in '12, but it would be nice
to have my vote count for the Left Wing
in my lifetime.)

sent via iPhone-bot

Netflix iPhone app -- OY

Well, the paradigm shifted & no-one told me!! Ha
NetFlix iPhone app w/streaming shows (IPTV) is now ... FREE.
App just came out, I highly recommend you dload it & watch endless TV.

I'm impressed - obv.

sent via iPhone-bot

Check out this application:

Chaos Rings review

Chaos Rings review

I want to like this iPhone game.  I paid $10 for it.  I like RPG's.  I like adventures.  People claim there is a story here.
The fact that the game has 3d graphics is nice, I guess.

But... gripes:
- 3d but it isn't really used.  You have a top-down run around for most of the game I've seen so far, and there are no camera controls (not that you'd need them anyways bc there's not much 3d action happening).
- the combat involves me clicking the same button combo repetitively, would love a 'repeat last' command.
- animation is 'dance' or move forward & back.  Guess this is like FF games?
- why are there buckets of stuff everywhere?
- why can i run back & forth I'm the same hallways & encounter more & more creatures?
- why do monsters drop chocolate?  Sounds like the wrong word.  Ha
- where is the 'inventory' screen with the doll?  The equip & inventory & gene screens seem like they couldve all been one clever screen.
- genes are kinda interesting, but WHY are we absorbing them?  Is this revealed in the story?
- char's can't jump, dodge, or move much.  Basically follow the path & try to follow a VERY awkward map.
- continuous 'fade to white' with same sound effect is just lazy programming.  I was annoyed after first 3x, now it's been hundreds of times.
- no options for peace.  All interactions are either 'click next for next pre-written line of bad dialogue' or *ATTACK*.
- killing hundreds of dogs, worms, monkeys, elephants, giant spiders -- anyone care that this sends a really bad environmental message?
- not a lot of non-linear that I've seen.

Personally, I'd like more 'strategy game' aspects and less repetitive animations & forcing me (player) to make a character run around a path where all options are locked in anyway.

It's a very pretty game w/repetitive sounds, creatures,  & gameplay.  Seems like it's 1, 2, or 3 baddies vs 2 'heroes' indefinitely.

Oh yeah, and you get new nicknacks & more chocolate.

And they never EAT the chocolate?!?!

I hope someone who reads this review hears my humor written into it? Bits not just a whine-fest, really.

Use your monkey genes, fool!

The poem of not sleeping

The poem of not sleeping
the mental pathways bend,
the body forgets basic functions,
the losses, albeit temporary,
have a sticky feeling,
deep in the bone, unleaving,
carved deep in stone, forever,
the illusion of time reveals itself,
the brief moment now become unending,
hanging in the air, in the breath,
the moment which should have ended
continuing long past it's given time...

A NOW which should be a THEN
so the next NOW can bask in it's glory
never arriving, and the NOW gone old,
staying too long and growing unwelcome,
disliked for it's dullness,
but unwilling to leave.

The unsleeping cannot shake off moments,
instead holding the time inside their eyes
like burned images on a TV screen
or the coarse diamond scars on glass,
a pattern etched into the form.

My spine unsleeping curls unstraight,
it straightens only with effort, and brief,
before aches and gravity conspire downwards
to force me into a hunched-over creature,
forced to focus on my autonomous hands
and the objects they schemingly hover over.

Hands which no longer do my bidding,
forming their own plans and not sharing them with me.
These hands wish to explore my private holes,
to clean and examine the smooth skin,
to rip imperfections, bumps, burst pimples,
to scratch boogers, yank rude hairs,
to scale the teeth of midnight fur.