50 Bites!

Yosemite was beautiful.

I had the priviledge of hanging out with 4 very groovy women, first and foremost my lovely girlfriend.

We chilled in our ranger friend's pad, and went on a 8 mile hike. I wore Teva sandals and socks -- AGAIN a hike w/o appropriate gear! And I had some Off! and I forgot it. PAINFUL!

So we all went walking, and in the end we were swarmed by mosquitoes. Everyone had various degrees of bites -- the lightest was the ranger who had 1 or 2, my g/f had 10, and I won with over 50 bites! I wouldn't have known the exact count, but my g/f counted them when she aloe-vera'd me later.

I've felt pretty sick since then. Skipped the dip in the Merced River b/c was too sick. Drinking a lot of water. Worked from home Mon b/c I didn't want to sit at work and itch. (Instead, hung out at a cool cafe. Sweet!)

Just resumed the ADHD pills & additives. Hope it works.
Had oats w/flax seed powder
1 evening primrose pill
going to take 1 DHA before I leave work. :)

Yosemite and Script

Going to YOSEMITE for the weekend,
got Friday off as vacation! Sweet!

Had a conversation w/therapist re: filmmaking.
How lucky am I to have a therapist who's
a) sober and b) a former actor w/film experience.

He suggested instead of me constantly
fretting over finishing my script,
perhaps I post a gasmask in my room
and look at it for inspiration on my script.

I've posted this AWESOME 'Shepard Fairey' piece and a few others to keep me going. Check out his website, Obey Giant
POWERFUL art!!! Love it!

Anti ADHD regimen -starting TODAY

Experiment starting today, based on an Organic Health book on ADHD.
(Interesting book. Will re-post w/the title.)
Bought Evening Primrose Oil, DHA, and some Flax seed and oats.

Starting 9/19/2005 with
1300 mg Primrose Oil in AM
500 mg DHA (aka Fish Oil / Omega 3's)
and cereal

I already feel mellower.
Had stomache acid/reflux, going to re-tool the pills.

update 9/20
Took Primrose Oil in AM before cereal
No reflux/stomache acid.
Now having Green Tea
was going to have DHA before lunch, but forgot.
*stayed up til 3am editing a 'stop motion' piece
using iStopmotion from BOINX software.*

update 9/21
Took DHA w/breakfast (bagel w/Lox Spread)
and a green tea
going to have Primrose pill at lunch.
TIRED from last night!

Moveon.org goals on Actionforum

I posted the following (below) on Moveon's recent Action Forum topic:

What Goals should moveon.org be pursuing?

MOVEON goals should be:

#1 -- Impeach President Bush and his cabinet for
a) lying & coverup re: WMD in Iraq
b) violating international laws in Abu Ghraib & Guantanamo (and others?)
c) graft & corruption charges re: Haliburton exclusive contracts

#2 -- Reform the US Government
a) open primary elections to more than 2 parties
b) require candidates to state their platforms AND requiring them to uphold their positions
c) campaign contribution reform
d) make the CIA & FBI subject to democratic controls
e) repeal the patriot act & other recent nonsensical unconstitutional law
f) demand an end to nuclear & bio weapons proliferation, starting with the USA

#3 -- Revise all corporate charters
Today, corporate charters are given by State govts and subject to State and Federal laws. Corporations are treated as legal entities after they are granted a charter. We need to formally revoke the legal entity status of all corporations (thus making their constituent executives and board ALWAYS liable for corporate crimes) and require all corporations to include some type of 'conscience clause' in their corporate charters, which requires them to put LIFE BEFORE PROFIT in ALL cases (including foreign people's lives).

- REkz, GOD (July 13, 2005; San Francisco, CA)

Didn't land the startup gig -- whoa! Google Earth!

Wow, Google Earth blew my mind!
Dropping back down to reality after flying above the orb...

Damn, didn't get the startup gig at oqo.com!
Must not've been meant to be.
3 interviews, 4 1/2 hours later -- and no gig!

Seemed like a dream opportunity,
but they ruled me out b/c
they said "I'm not technical enough".
They might be right. Not sure.

They had a huge emphasis on wireless tech.
My background is at financial software co's,
and financial co's don't tend to do wireless much.
It's seen as too risky.
While there are a TON of security &
encryption options in wireless networking,
most companies laid off their IT infrastructure
and what they HAVE now is poorly configured
or has major security holes.

Sad sad sad. I guess it's good for India...
but the idea that the USA completely exported
it's High Tech edge overseas.
The reverberations will echo in this country
for years to come, IMHO.

The Vault - gotta love it!

Heard about The Vault.
Hilarious archive of real-life employee complaints.

Also have a friend who's so frustrated about work conditions that he's starting a similar site, although just selling merchandize. More info to come.

9 years no beers

July 3rd 2005 marks 9 years clean and sober!

I would never have thought I'd get so far.
And how cool that I'm not alone.

But since there's no guarantee that this lifestyle
will continue, I try to enjoy today thoroughly.

Turned 9 in Nevada City

9th birthday for the no-smokin'. It was great.
My girlfriend is amazing. Props to her!
And ... Nevada City. Wow.

We burned ourselves up in the Yuba River
-- and had a treacherous climb.

and it was FUN!!!

Also, gotta mention ECOTOPIA by ERNEST CALLENBACH.
What a book! I'd give it 5 stars! Inspired like '1984', it hits with Utopian impact. What the book is lacking in amazing writing skill it makes up for in researched thoroughness and visionary-ness.