A New Year -- 2011

A New Year 2011.  Visionary times!  I finally picked up & started re-reading "Awaken the Giant Within" - Anthony Robbins.  This is quite a book.  Change-maker!  POWER!

So my goals for 2011 =
  • continue healthy living (wink!), 
  • preproduce & tape my first feature length (scifi?  kung fu?  comedic?) video, 
  • deepen & grow the Lex connection, 
  • workouts (p90x? or whatever!), 
  • create create create & re-enforce support for the creative/creator REkzkaRZ (music, video, art, poetry, acting, dance, comedy, etc), 
  • keep helping my crew of heroic men (& woman), 
  • get my indie business off the ground, 
  • own more assets, 
  • manifest goals/visions, 
  • and push myself beyond my current limitations.
And that's just for January.  HA!  (Not)
This is not my first list of New Years Resolutions (but I think this is the first one I've blogged -- but then again, my memory is shot so it might not be the first), and I'm aware that resolutions do very little 'of themselves'.  Resolutions are a statement before an action, a declaration that "I am taking this path" rather than saying "whatever comes along I'll wing it" (but that is also true as well). 
ACTIONS are the key to progress.  Actions are the opposite of passivity (ie watching TV, listening to music, chilling out, getting wasted, etc) -- and actions create results.  (I suppose passivity creates results also...)
RE-ACTION 2011 -- more to come!
I invite you to post your 2011 New Years Resolutions as well -- with the implied commitment to *TAKE THE ACTIONS*!

Our paradigm is like a pair of dimes becoming a pile of twenty pennies

The Earth is going thru another fluctuation -- society's preparing to make an evolutionary leap forward.  Information seeks to become free (again).  Profit-makers will be forced to release their marked-up products from their profit-mongering schemes when people enforce their claim to their own 'Natural Inalienable Rights" again (rights to freedom, to food, to water, to shelter, to pursuit of happiness, to free flow of information, to share with their communities).
But talk and action are so different.  When things get bad, who will resort to violence?  Those profitting most from the current setup.  The evolutionaries will be the disenfranchised underdogs forced outside of the powerstructures, moving all of us forward into the future & forcing institutions to let go their white-knuckled grip on the copyrighted baggage of the past.
The paradigm of "don't ask don't tell" will be shattered like the paradigm of slavery and colonialism.  The paradigm of "homelessness" will disappear as everyone unites in a desperate class battle against the domination of the wealthiest.
Suddenly, people will remember the historic significance of despotic rule as the ethereal veil of the Democracy illusion fades -- and a corrupt Republic of the Richest and most Cruel stands revealed.
The 'Star Wars' fight of Rebels against the Empire transforms into a fantastical metaphor for daily life, as cloned zombie soldiers patrol the streets in armor and fully armed drone planes light up the skies, trigger-happy zealot pilots sitting in remote bunkers hundreds of miles away eager to drop bombs on their video screens.

Ooops, another Saturday when I had too much coffee & then a few cokes.  :)

Email to Pacifica re: Pacifica vs KPFA

This is the email I wrote Pacifica via this site: http://kpfaworker.wordpress.com/contact-form/ The KPFA Worker blogsite is chronicling the manipulation and corrupt actions being committed by Pacifica HQ vs KPFA.

Dear Pacifica,

I am apalled at the manner which Pacifica is forcing KPFA to obey a top-down hierarchical structure.
Furthermore, I believe your board is operating in the worst manner. Having spoken one-on-one with one of your board members, she was so completely focussed and obsessed with cutting the Morning Show and changing up KPFA entirely that she could not see any other alternative.
While I understand there are always political battles in organizations, I would ask you to set aside your petty bickerings and allow KPFA to manage itself and donate to Pacifica voluntarily, rather than Pacifica managing KPFA from afar and dictate things which are inappropriate for KPFA.
I have been a supporter of KPFA and KPFK for years. I will from now on be donating specifically with the request that none of my donations go to the Pacifica organization. I find the Pacifica administration (historically & now) to continuously operate against the best interests of radio stations, the talent, and the communities which support it.
Please send me a response to my email to confirm that someone has received it & read it. Please explain your actions.
I'd like an app for iPhone that lets me play CCG's (special 'collectible card games') on my iPhone.
Seems like something easy and doable, but it ain't done
-- except for Wagic.  But reviews say Wagic blows & it's a homebrew app.
Waiting for someone to make a useable 'play any CCG' app for iPhone.
How hard can it be???

a) Take 200 scans of cards
b) let people make decks of X cards
c) draw X cards for a hand
d) define a play area
e) let people play cards onto play area
f) have somewhere on play area to score points

And that's about it. Do we really need so much more?!?!?!

I'll play test it when it's built!  PROMISE.