A Big # Birthday

Aging -- getting some bigger numbers, yet still catching up to my highschool peers.  Interesting to see the number and look at myself and feel like in certain ways it doesn't line up and in other ways it does.

Mentally & emotionally I'm stunted & just catching up -- today I'm around 27-ish.  Physically I'm youthful looking & acting, but some days I feel those years hanging on me as extra weights.

But, it's 5:30am on my birthday and I'm going to focus on the positive -- I've had a LOT of good years!!  And the most exciting is that the best is yet to come!


Palm Sounds -- a great blog

Reactable Mobile

Palm Sounds -- a really cool blog that covers all the latest in mobile tech.
I've been testing out a lot of the iphone apps, and this blog has been giving me the latest & greatest stuff.

I wouldn't normally mention it, but the blogger said that if anyone is enjoying their blog, to post the link.  And I do like it -- a lot.  Hopefully you might enjoy something from them also? 

Just found out from them that 'reactable' is now simulated on iPhone.  Cool.

MegaMind movie - SUCKED

I saw MegaMind in 3D at a movie theater.  I wasn't expecting greatness, but I was hoping that something in it would be cool or neat or fun or something.
It was expensive @ $13 for a 3D film which didn't really use the 3D to do anything cool.  Disappointing.  I may not be the 'target audience' at 39 almost 40, but I saw MegaMind in a room full of kids. I laughed only 2x during the movie, the kids mostly laughed once. Behind me, a kid was so bored he got the foot tapping syndrome (right in my ear).  Kids would hate this multimillion dollar film.  I was wondering what audience was the target for this dud?
This film did not work in almost every way that Incredibles did work: No good action scenes, no exciting plot development, only a sad 'turn around' making the villain a hero -- which not only was not convincing but was trite and un-fun.
Pixar I've heard goes thru a huge amount of work to get the story first.  This film had a flawed story, namely that a villain turned hero is not that exciting, and a loser turned loser villain is not very exciting, and the hero abdicating to live a secret life 'free of responsibility' is similarly not exciting.
Which seems to explain why MegaMind 3D was completely not exciting.