The Royalty Hidden - Sir Bush and Sir Kerry

"There are no hereditary Kings in America and no powers not created by the Constitution." -- quote from a negative Judicial decision by U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor re: Bush wiretapping.

I just disagree across the boards on that one.

It's interesting how, just beneath the surface, there appear to be noble bloodlines running thru our democratically elected leaders... as this article about Bush and Kerry both having noble blood going back to Habsburgs & Queen Elizabeth.

It's interesting what Bush's priorities have been -- get the inheritance tax blown away, boost corporate welfare & cut taxes on the upper niche, cut social welfare spending and block new taxes.

So let's get rid of our King again! Let's get him impeached & jailed, b/c his rule is ruining the precepts this country was founded on!!!!

Republican party members -- 3 options

I just came up with this, but it's probably around somewhere...

Republicans are either -- evil, ignorant, or stupid.
(let's abbreviate with E, I, or S)

I argue this because of the Republican platform of issues:
1) anti-Gay rights
2) pro-War
3) pushing Christian family values on everyone, even non-Christians
4) save $$$ for the wealthy folks w/tax cuts
5) think the US is helping people in Iraq
6) like Bush as their President, some even think he's better than Clinton (!!!) And what's most amazing is that Clinton was up for impeachment for sex, while Bush can lie to Congress & Americans, torture people, and pre-emptively invade non-hostile countries (among other things) and there's NO IMPEACHMENT TRIALS!!! C'mon!
7) anti-social welfare
8) afraid of new taxes (as though that were somehow worse than the corporate bailouts, the oil subsidies, or the bloated military budget)
9) racism that's anti-nonwhites across the boards.

If you're poor, non-white, or gay and Republican, I wonder what kind of crack you've been smoking to make you betray the rest of the members of your group.

The saddest part is that Republicans block public education from staying at a quality level (by cutting $$$ and putting that $$$ to military, usually), and then poor ignorant folks actually vote Republican -- and screw themselves and future generations more!

It's the party of Propoganda, Fascism, and neo-Con = neo-Nazi in my book.