Ronald Rump - wannabe Dictator, bully, racist, mysogynist, douchebag

This dictator masked as a democratically elected representative is unacceptable, a betrayal of the public trust, and likely a treasonous impeachable FAIL.

I don't like to say his name, like the villain in Harry Potter, but not bc of fear.  It's a word that once symbolized the highest rank or position, but now represents the lowest level of this society: racism, sexism, total ignorance of history, disbelief in facts and science, selfish, basic, flawed.

To be clear, I am not a 100% believer in all of the claims of science/experts around vaccines, nuclear power, various pharmaceutical studies, or the origins of sentient life.  (Not sure they are unbiased and  pure science.)  But I don't disagree with the core concepts of science.  Big difference.

Yes, he and Pence should be removed from office.  Besides their losing the popular election, calling on Russia to hack the DNC (and surprise -- it happened!), and being untrustworthy with secrets or the nuke button, these two do not represent a modern vision of how the country can grow.  They only represent a throwback backlash at disgust with a corrupt government which only serves the Entitled Wealthy Classes which hide inside Corporate cloaks.

The USA is under attack, but not from a dangerous foreign power (or those propagandized claims of dangerous immigrants), but rather from the inside by the super rich who no longer benefit from a more egalitarian society.

Resident Rump is a member of a different class of people; the millionaires and billionaires who don't do real hard work, but rather use their power and influence to attempt to steer society in a way that benefits their assets *regardless of the cost to people or the planet.*  The 'Apex Predator' concept is in play here, as Rump revealed in the debates -- dominate the opponent while pushing the limits of what is perceived as civil behavior.

The key concepts to remember during this coup by the wealthiest, as they struggle to dismantle all the protections fought for by working people for the public good;  fear is our enemy, truth is their enemy, and their strategy is straightforward misdirection and consistent deception.  If we can keep access to the truth via independent media, we still have a chance.

But have no doubt -- they know this as well, and the dominate/exploit focussed Illuminati have achieved far more successes (in their many guises) than the peace and freedom loving egalitarian visionaries who seek to raise humanity to the next level.

#NotmyPresident #NoFascistUSA #1NoTrump