On Government - audio rant

Another track done for "Audio REvolt"! Sweet

ON GOVERNMENT - rekzrantz 12-16-2009 by REkzkaRZ
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LYRICS are below. (Music is better)


I, rekzkarz, a citizen of United States of America, so declare a desire to regain my freedom and protect my natural rights as a living being.

We as human beings share the following rights: the right to food, water, shelter, general safety, and the pursuit of spiritual, emotional, and economic success.

My God is not your God, nor is your God mine. If you have a faith, feel free to use it. If you do not have one, so be it.

My pleasures may not match your pleasures. Grant me my pursuits if no one is hurt. I grant you the same. Should I opt to use a different drug than you, if no one is hurt it can not be a crime. If only I am hurt, please try to help, but do not punish me for my vice.

My acts which harm no-one are not a crime. I claim my rights to live as I will, harming no-one, without punishment by a moralistic, judgemental Government.

I demand the right to choose where my tax dollars go. I have the right to decide, in a democracy, whether my tax dollars go to children or to the war machine.

Lastly, I choose to reclaim parts of my language stolen by propaganda, corporations, and television.

The Department of Defense, I call you The Department of War.
PeaceKeepers, I call you Soldiers.
Our 2 Party Democracy, I call you an Oligarchy or Republic -- until our Government is changed.
Our Founding Fathers, I call you wealthy white slave owners, rulers, and businessmen.

Democrat, I call you the Wealthy Moderate Party.
Republican, I call you the Business, Weath, and Pro War Party.
Pro-Choice, I call you Pro-Female.
Pro-Life Movement, I call you Movement to Defend the Unborn.

The government of this country has choices about which heritage to pursue:

Many Governments of the past have been characterized by despotic tyrants, cruel rulers who are above the laws and rule downwards, using nationalism to steer the masses, forcing obediance, and requiring blind loyalty.

More modern Governments seek to be enlightened, seeing themselves as granted an opportunity to serve their fellow people. These Governments are not above the law nor any fellow citizen, and they seek to form laws to protect rights of everyday people. These governments encourage people to be knowledgable, capable, and self-aware.

Citizens of these countries freely question, may disagree with authority, and have institutions to examine difficult issues -- to get redress. The loyalty these governments create stems from self-love and pride in national character.

Should you, USA Government, return to the mistaken road of dicatatorial rule, your power-mongering will be your undoing.

President Bush & his chronies abused their power, harshly damaged the country, expanded the deployment of the military across the globe without adequately proving the provocation's source, and as such they should all be put on trial and impeached of any benefits they are due.

These few completely abused a system which is growing in the other direction, more towards freedom.

It is upon us, the citizenry, to defend our freedoms.
It is upon the Government, to defend our rights -- without ruining the lives of other free peoples.

Money n Stuff

I wrote & emailed this track out to my peeps yesterday. WHEW!

Money Stuff v3 by REkzkaRZ

You are not free
You lost your rights
You are blinded by TV
You don't know what to fight

Video games tell you
to kill everybody
but the real criminals are hiding
in the code and in the company

You work everyday
Went to school to study
You learned to pay
for things that were free

They got your water
they got your food
they got your land
they got you by the booboo

That is, they get ... YOU


Money, what is it?
MONEY - it's a fantasy to steal your stuff
MONEY - it's a lie to rob you of your stuff
MONEY - it's a way to take away your stuff

Money, what is it?
It's a lie....

List of Stuff:


Killed in PlaybyPost

Damn, I got killed. Guess I'll blog about it?

Here's the scoop: I was killed in my PlaybyPost RPG (on rpol.net) & then banned by the GM. I think the issue was I was over-posting, trying to have an independent agenda (ie not just being a robot moving forwards), not playing a team player, and not playing a 'good' character. Maybe there was more?

I posted in private to the GM how it was awfully convenient to kill me, and the GM said he hadn't considered killing me & banning me prior to my complaint, but now that I had pointed out the convenience of my character getting killed, I had inspired him to ban me. The GM said "normally I let people re-roll characters", but not with me. The GM said we had 'incompatible playing styles'.

It was interesting to get killed, b/c the GM had my character get shot in the head by 'friendly fire' and then, as the character was retreating, the bad guy smashed him & killed him even as the little guy was flanked by 2 big guys with giant swords. Seemed awfully convenient.

Well, getting killed & banned for me is a first. I'm happy to be banned in the sense that -- why continue in a game where I'm not appreciated for playing a RPG the way I'd like to? As I don't really like 'hack & slash' adventure anyway, ie violence & killing to steal treasure from creatures & gain exp by hacking heads, but I've always been one for pure 'role play' concept, ie playing a role that is not myself.
But it also does stick in my craw, which is why I'm posting this here.

I have a few other beefs with RPG'ing, which this seems a good time to list:

My biggest problem w/D&D has been the racist underpinnings, the concept that somehow valiant (white) superheroes vanquish the world from hordes of mean, evil (non-white) monsters. When you look at real-life empirialism, this was in part an explanation behind much of earth's empirial expansions.
So that's part of why I ususally stay far away from D&D.

In this game, instead of allowing me to roleplay the game with those elements in the foreground, the GM would rather ignore any underlying racial issues and play a game where 'heroes' killing off scores of creatures in their own homes are seen as the 'good guys'.

That being said, I really am impressed with RPOL.net, the play by post site, and think it's amazing. GREAT WORK PEOPLE! (I hope Google Wave doesn't kill them -- but that said, Google Wave is not as sexy as Google advertised it to be.)

Thus, now that I've covered the event and my beef with D&D and that game, I want to give props to my favorite RPG of all time, Prime Time Adventures, the small rulebook which attempts to simulate a TV show series. This game rocks. It includes all my favorite things, namely collaborative story-telling, very fast conflict resolution, story driven play, character driven story, etc. There are no hit points and very few stats. And the game works WELL.

Anyway, today Arkayne Silvermist is dead, and the adventure which he doggedly had tried to pursue, getting revenge for his tribe's massacre, will never be resolved. Aahh, gaming. I miss 'face-to-face' RPG'ing!