USA fighting Terorrism -- with Terrorism?!?!

On 9/11/2001 the USA was attacked.  While personally I'm quite upset that all of the evidence has been made top secret (black boxes of planes, footage of Pentagon getting attacked), the former President Bush & VP Cheney refused to testify in separate rooms or under oath about what happened, and the USA military did not respond to the attacks until afterwards despite contingency plans galore, the fact is the WTC buildings did fall and > 3,000 people died.
It was a tragic day in the USA, but the news media response was so different than what one might have expected.  Endless replays of the buildings collapsing, but *zero* investigative journalism.
Now onwards to 2012, more than 10 years later.
The USA invaded Iraq, overthrew the government, occupied the country, tortured thousands of men in prison camps, killed hundreds of thousands, and displaced millions of people -- and then President Bush did admit that Iraq was not actually involved in the 9/11 attack and Osama Bin Laden, the self-proclaimed coordinator of the 9/11 operation, was not captured.  Well, actually Bush said "The world is much safer now."
Which world??  Definitely not the world the Iraqi people live in, who now have a damaged societal infrastructure, lots of radioactive bullet shrapnel and unexploded bombs, many areas still have no water or power, and their country will be occupied by a foreign power for the foreseeable future.
But the USA is not done.  In response to the 3000 killed, the USA has CIA agents and 'contractors' (often ex-CIA, ex-military, or ex-special ops military) all throughout the Middle East, including many countries which are now in full-blown revolutions.  The USA appears uncertain how to respond on countries which have been allies, but in opposition countries the USA's stance is more oppositional.
But where are we now?  11 years later, the USA is unleashing drone strikes into sovereign Pakistan, the USA has deployed drone forces all around the world including S.America, Mexico, Somalia, and inside the USA at the borders.  Additionally, it turns out the US executive branch now has meetings discussing assassination in foreign countries -- 'drone strikes' which report having killed no non-combatants because all men of military age in the area are classified as combatants, despite killing pregnant women and children -- but the language of this endless war is so flawed now -- "insurgents" and "peace keepers" is complete propaganda speech.
While the USA condemns foreign countries for how they handle domestic unrest and peaceful protests, it smashes protest with police and planting 'Agent Provocateurs' into non-violent protest groups.  In response to thousands of 'Occupy' movements across the country complaining about the popular exclusion of people from the Democracy in favor of new corporate 'freedom of speech' rulings which have flooded the government with billions in ad money and dirty tactics, the USA media and government have acknowledged these changes as minimally as possible -- as annoyances and fads, as sad counter-cultural demonstrations and irrelevant voices.
But what really has happened is this -- the USA now blatantly uses terrorist tactics to fight the so-called 'terrorist' opposition.  Despite no attacks, and possibly doing nothing more than meeting in their countries to discuss plots or dislike of the occupying powers, the USA now advocates robot drone strikes, endless occupation, violation of homes to find young men and imprison them, torture camps, and more.  And it's the actual numbers which reveal the truth:  USA lost 3000 people.  Iraq has lost hundreds of thousands, Pakistan is losing thousands of people now, and US crosshairs are hovering over Syria and Iran.

And the USA people by majority don't want any of this, but the wealthy classes want to continue.  So now what?  I don't know!

Prometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman

Saw Prometheus. Was entertained, movie had some fun going on, but some strange flaws in acting and writing.
Without spoiling the film, I can say I found the last 5 mins to be most flawed writing-wise. The abundant foreshadowing seemed blunt to me -- each time I thought "that'll be back". Also the 'my father' line was no surprise -- except in its almost humorous delivery.

Acting wise, the most glaring things were the distance between faced which was always minimized to reveal tension -- but felt very artificial to me.
I really liked the 'David' character and somewhat liked the super-old guy, but was unconvinced by the makeup that this was an actual old person.

*spoiler* - have some beef with the 'engineers' portrayal, the 'vials' or weapons, and the way the humans explain everything by their out-loud conjecture, while David clearly has an inside track -- which is never explained.  Why'd he infect the 2 doctors?

And the scene-stealer --> What's with the amazing DIY abortion?!? What's with all the alien orifice - penetrating monsters?!?

Prometheus summary: occasionally awesome, gave too much away at end with simple exposition, many characters' decisions seemed unlikely & unbelievable.
Some believable cowardice.

Then when I finished, I snuck into Snow White & the Huntsman. Aha! Now I realized the significant difference in film quality. Yeeesh!!!

Let's see -- this movie sucked sucked sucked!!!
heh -- I wasn't exactly surprised -- it's why I snuck in.

No spoilers offered, no analysis except this: formulaic fantasy-drivel with too much CG and no significant character growth/depth. Did have a strange veneer of Goth/EMO drama, and the CG was ok.

The lead actress has quite large nostrils, and the DP does a lot of 'up the nose' shots of her.