REkzkaRZ Rantz #1 - Impeach Bush

REkzkaRZ is an American, he's patriotic, and believes in the incredible potential of the USA.

That's why he wants Bush impeached NOW! He's a criminal, violating American and international laws: illegal war, illegal spying, 9/11 Inside Job, Saudi secret deals, private army (BlackWater), negligence for Hurricane Katrina -- it's overdue.

Pelosi stop blocking my Constitutional Rights!

Chrys going away party pics

Aliens crashed Chrys' going away party!
The amazing power of Photobooth on Mac.

Wow.  Ugh.  Amazing.  Gnarly.

Click the pic for the big shot.

Heads like Butter, baby!

silvi ari big head warp2silvi ari jo big head warp3silvi ari big head warp1

silvi ari jo big head warp4
silvi ari jo big head warp5Silvi Jo warps3silvi jo warphead bisuit


ari jo italian noses warp6ari jo happy warp5
ari jo big heads warp4ari jo warp3 coneheads
jo warped headari jo warp1

A lovey-dovey GLOW

ari silvi chrys bea jo glowchrys ari glow heads2ari silvi chrys bea jo glow2
chrys ari silvi glowchrys ari glowsilvi ari glow finger face

Party pics part 2

Click small pic for full shot!

They've found ... the orb!

Ari eyes comicChrys Eyes Comic

ari chrys ball comic


Ghost ChrysGhost Ari 3
Ghost SilviGhost Chrys Black Halo
Ghost Ari-motionGhost ball flowers


Comic Ari ERSilvi COmicChrys Silvi Comic

Fine Art

Ari Silvi Chrys frame sketch
chrys silvi sketch ball
silvi doorframe sketchari warhol

Idealistic Glow

ari silvi glowari wizard glowsilvi ari chrys silvi tongue glow
silvi ari solar smoke

Neo Headed Folk

chrys 3 eyes mirrorari hands mirror

finger head1finger head2

Time 'n Space Warped

ari chrys warpchrys silvi ari belly warp

The Flower Angel

Silvi Flower  Angel

My buddies on other nights.

Blonde Silvi Andre Bea costumes

Andre Silvi

PhotoBooth Absinthe'd - pics pg3

Absinthe really is a bit different than Alcohol, I hear...
And I see...

This is what happens when you overdo the drinkin'!

Ari Andre Chrys warped1

Andre Bea warped1Andre Mary Bea Silvi warped headsAndre Silvi Warped

Carniverous Party!

Andre Gopher Head Jo

Joseph big mouths little AndreJoe Mary Bea glo treo

long neck Silvi

And then everyone's heads freaked out!

Bea and Jo massive tongueLong Head BeaAndre Joseph Mary warped
Joe Ari big Mary headJo Mary small head Giant Ari