ZombieTech 2000+ = iZombie, eZombie, and cZombie

Everyone's so frightened by zombies... OH NO! They've come to eat your flesh, drink your blood! Eek! Aaagh!
But all that was just a bad trip by someone from 100+ years ago whacked out on Lye, right? We don't have to worrie about Zombies today, right?

Actually ... They are REAL!!

Orange Zombie Green Zombie iZombies have been spotted all around San Francisco!!
Instead of eating you alive, they just look at you right in the eye and completely ignore you.
Unless you interrupt the machinery so they can go on their way.

And there's the eZombie, who without a keyboard is a tvZombie or a cableZombie or satelliteZombie depending on their setup.
They are harmless, but are so entrenched in their infotainment that they may forget to eat, drink, go to the bathroom, sleep, or move. Some eZombies can no longer have sex, but at the sound of a sporting event they are aroused...

Lastly, and perhaps the most annoying, is the cZombie. Also known as a pZombie, mZombie, or however they abbreviate their cellphone.

You know 'em, the folks that talk in your face to someone else, speak out loudly in public all the things you never wanted to hear, and so on.
Worse than the other zombies b/c they inflict radiation damage to all around, besides the atrocious sonic pollution.

With ZombieTech 2000+, Zombies are cured when their batteries die. I see this as a positive, although with modern battery capacities and quick rechargers we are seeing less down-time.
The one horrific truth about modern Zombies is you probably are one of them SOMETIME during your day, EVERY day!!

Ode to RPG's

I love RPGs (see Wikipedia if you dunno what I'm saying).

I'm always looking for gamer groups. When I get in a good one, I move away soon after by some chance of fate. Unfortunate.
Shared fantasy is an excellent high, as those who've tried it know. Comparing TV or movies to RPG'ing, I'd say the fun ratio would be something like 100 vs 1, perhaps more. And why?
On TV: viewers watch someone's conception of a character do something and sit passively and observe. Even AMAZING TV consists of this.
In RPG: players listen to an description of a time-space and a scenario. Often plot points are hinted at by a GM, but not fully revealed. Players co-create the game with the GM by pursuing what interests them or their characters. Generally all parties are surprised by the results, and can laugh later about an adventure which they took part in -- together AND in their minds. And ultimately, what is life but what we remember in our minds anyway?
The worst of role-play gaming, for me is very close to miniature war-gaming. I'm a peace-loving person, completely anti-violence. When I roleplay, I want conflict and tension for excitement, not for body count or gore. And the main focus is ACTING and PRETEND, not killing and destruction.
I feel the game tension is often in my character's survival, and often just them being true to themselves in uncomfortable situations. The focus is not in the massive destruction of my character's enemies.

Now a tribute to my favorite RPGs:

ShadowRun - Tolkien fastforwarded to the future, but this time multi-racial people count. The corporate takeover is complete, and a non-euro race successfully breaks out of the empire. Plus magic + matrix + cyberware, and some great slang that includes some actual Japanese.
Cyberpunk - Grit and tech.
Mekton - a classic where you basically do future stuff all for a chance to hop in a giant robot and fight. I always liked all the other stuff, but 90% of Mekton players just want to get in the Mech!
Traveller - non-humanoids have a chance in this space exploration classic. You don't HAVE TO kill everyone, interact, or fight. You can explore, trade, and solve mysteries while seeing amazing places.
Star Wars - Jedi vs Empire, or play rebels, pirates, or new Empire recruits, or even bounty hunters. A bit force-heavy, but a few good game sessions can be more exciting than the last 3 movies! Lucas hit the nail on the head for awhile, then blew it.
d20 Modern/Future - keep the new D&D system (3.0 or 3.5), play in the modern world, and remove most of the Tolkien stuff (unless you add in the Urban Arcana book, which takes you closer to ShadowRun or X-Files type of world). Tries to work with regular modern people, but heroes will be overpowered. Overly complex, but great art and can work ** if you don't use miniatures! ** Run the game like a storytelling game with minimal props and it works great.
Paranoia - the classic game of constant senseless conflict in a future where logic is broken and nobody knows it. The only RPG I've played repeatedly where the goal is not necessarily to survive but to have your glory moments and then die, as everyone tends to at least once.
Mage: the Ascension - I like the darkness and the flexibility of it. I wish the Vampires and Werewolves (and other misc) from the other White Wolf games would go away. The new Mage: the Awakening, doesn't impress me at all.

'alternate worlds'
Dragonstar - a good attempt at magic scifi. A feuding galaxy ruled by warring dragon empires. Yeah, that's the bad part. Pretty good attempt at magic and tech mixing, deadly firefights, and 'soul-mech' characters allow droids with personality.
Red Star - amazing art, but I'm not sure about the world or the game. Based on the amazing comic of the same name, Red Star has some neat ideas, but seems like the backdrop is constant war. Could be like a Robotech style setting, except an Eastern totalitarian regime instead of vaguely Japanese military one. Sounds pretty good!
Fading Suns - great idea, but the game is dry. Religious scifi future, everyone is somehow related to some deity. Bogs down.
Polyhedron (Dungeon Mag) supplements with Dark Sun & Iron Lords of Jupiter
ShadowRun - I love these issues.
Dark Sun is D&D set on a desert planet, most action taking place in evil city-states controlled by a corrupt leader. Battle for survival, and survival ain't that great.
Iron Lords of Jupiter is more of a 'John Carter on Mars' type of tale, with a super example of humanity travelling to another planet to adventure.

Genres/settings I DON'T love include:
Dungeons & Dragons & Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Mostly I don't love these b/c there's a lot of implied racism in Tolkien-esque stuff, everything's Euro-centric, and for me as a Jew it rubs me the wrong way. But I've played many hours in both game worlds and similar ones, and gotta give props to the core genre of them all.

There's also a new creative/collaborative style of RPGs where the rules and space are formed as part of the games, in a team. I haven't played yet, but they sound great and I can list some names:
Universalis - a free form game designed to work in all genres.
Prime Time Adventures

I am excited how the 'in-person' RPG world will evolve. Computer RPG'ing will never stop growing, particularly since it's addictive, profitable, and can be done anywhere there's a computer ... but the face-to-face has it's own unique rewards.

Friendly Fascism RANT

The biggest problem with Fascist countries was the popular oppression required to support Fascism. Now that we have Friendly Fascism, it's a different beast entirely. The oppression is primarily in the form of fear and paranoia, for the effect of 'divide and conquer', so that the rich and corporations and military can interact without public influence or control. This is how the environment becomes decimated, societies ruined, and natural resources squandered.
Is Friendly Fascism effective? Well, Enron's heads will get out w/minimal fines and minimal amounts of jail time for America's biggest swindle in history, so I think it works. Plus look at oil profits and Haliburton's no-bid contracts. Bush is doing great for BIG MONEY.

I don't really have to argue w/someone who supports Bush and opposes the S.American Left-Wing governments, b/c we must be seeing the world so differently there may be no overlap. That person probably believes the American myth of pulling themself up by their bootstraps, rather than being lucky to be born a priviledged person in the most priviledged society on Earth.
Even homeless people in the USA have it better than the lower classes of people in Viet Nam, Thailand, or any other '3rd world trading ally' of the USA. I had never seen things so bad until I went & visited.

The World Bank & WTC see rioting wherever they go b/c their goal is to force poor countries to scrap their social programs so they can squeeze more $$$ out into trade, and link up corporations with military and government. In the long run, this crushes the poor and gives the rich more power and control.

I'm not a pinko, but it's important to see things in terms of classes, b/c the whole world operates that way. Only in the USA are people dumbed down enough to not realize they are at the bottom.

I'm not a Marxist per se, nor is Chavez, b/c neither of us advocates using force to overthrow oppressive social structures. He may claim a right to reclaim state resources by force, or push out foreign capitalists that exploit. I have no problem with that, I'd like to see it done here too, and along with that a cap on the maximum profit in a business.
I do believe along the lines of MLK and Gandhi, that non-compliance with oppressors is the key to liberation. Liberal is derived from liberation, not 'looseness' or lack of reservations.

Break.com formerly big-boys.com

When I'm at work, in the corp job, and need a laugh... Break.com, formerly Big-boys.com always delivers a chuckle. The best video site I've seen to date, particularly vs the horrible quality video on Google video.

Break.com has videos not safe to watch at work, but there are safe ones that just hurt they're so funny. Like this SLAPWAR!

I suggest you register & then you can keep favorites. (Plus, the source isn't hard to decipher & you can dload the video if you want.)

Online Dating - my The-ARI (theory)

Online dating summary, for me:
  • I've emailed to a bunch of mysterious & interesting picture-people,
  • Met a number of people I would NEVER date,
  • Dated a few people a couple times,
  • no 'magic' yet.

My last housemate married a woman he'd met online.
They seem like a perfect match. Met on match.com in fact.

My biggest success online dating:

I met my ex-fiance while waiting for a 1st blind date with an internet woman. HA HA
That's all far behind me now, but it's a good story, no?

So far, no luck off the 'net, but I keep looking.
I think it's bc
  1. I have high standards
  2. I am a unique character
  3. I seek a unique character
  4. I am in no way desperate
  5. I am healthy, intelligent, and upbeat in my life
I keep trying tho b/c I'm very optimistic. Dating for me is like finding the diamond in the pile of coal. Just b/c I've hit 95% coal online doesn't mean my diamond isn't out there.

Maybe I'll meet her online, or offline. Doesn't matter. I don't worry, she will arrive. But I make sure I put the vibe out that 'she' is wanted and I am making a place for her.