Defender Chronicles 2 for iOS - awesome. Strategies?

Defender Chronicles 2 for iOS is good fun, and for $3 it's a deal.  Good job GIMKA & Menara games!

I'm interested to know people's strategies along with what the IAP items/abilities do -- please lemme know?

(Here's a repost of my post in TouchArcade's Defender Chronicles 2 forum)
Hey DC2 players,

I'm enjoying this game a lot.  Finally had to hit the Forum b/c of Crystal Golem (already saw answer to that) and I'd also really like to know what's the point of all the IAP abilities that come in the Imperial Store?

There's so many -- zombie, maneuver, bravery, trap, ethereal, build peasant houses, vampiric, industrious, etc. plus there are the enhanced embassies.

Frankly, I'd really like to see a list of what these things do (but not a 'spoiler' as much as a generic definition) along with what all the abilities you can gain just by playing...?

I can't see buying these things while I'm learning all the game stuff.  Seems like it might spoil the fun...?

I also just found the 'get free tokens' button in Imperial Store -- click it, it offers you a video to watch, say "no", and then there's a game to play.  Or maybe you have to say "yes" and then "no"?  Just did first time & got 30 tokens (lowest payout?).

This IAP & 'watch this ad for virtual currency' trend in games is a bit disturbing.  I paid for this game!!  I don't want to keep paying or do anything else, so GIMKA & others -- please stop nickle & diming me!  (Or if the app is paid for and offers IAP, offer a way to 'hide' the IAP in a settings menu so I can just do my thang.  Thanks!)

You wouldn't think people would pay $100 or more for a small game like this, but you might be surprised at how rich kids waste their $$$.

Gonna write this up in my blog also.  You can post answers/comments there or ...?

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack -- and Badass MoF0 Mecha Frames

Ever since I backed this, I've been obsessed over Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack, the Kickstarter project which uses Lego to make little mini robots and battle it out with a variety of d6 dice.  (Their Kickstarter project raised $82,499 when they were seeking a $9,000 goal.  Guess they hit a solid genre niche?  Go Kickstarter!!)
I made a Pinterest board which was originally called Mobile Frame Zero, but I renamed it to BadAss MoF0 Mecha Frames for a bit more flavor.  (I could look at these cool designs for days!) 
I just got my first orders of Legos (ordered thru and was so excited to build a first mech frame -- but my build pretty much sucked.
Now I have a good number of $$$ worth of Legos, but there are certain key pieces which make it a lot easier to make something cool.  And guess what?  I don't have those!! 
Good news is I have one more order from Bricklink hopefully coming soon, so maybe that's on the way?

Anyway, I hope to eventually build a few cool looking things -- copies or unique, doesen't matter to me.  Me want cool bots!

I have another MoF0-related Lego story -- I was so psyched about this game that I googled Lego shops, found Play Well in Marin, and paid a visit to buy my MoF0 bits.  I was digging thru their large variety Lego bins for 90+ minutes or so, and they had very nice helpful employees -- and when I went to the register I figured I'd pay ~ $40 or so.  Nope.
The total was over $140!!!  I talked to the register guy about how we might drop the total, but he became unhelpful at that point.
So, when another customer walked in, I just ... left.  I felt really strange about that, but I was not (and am still not) prepared to pay $140 for less than 1lb of Lego blocks.  Sorry.
(Oh yes, I got almost all the same stuff on Bricklink for about 1/3 the price.  I had to pay shipping & deal with multiple vendors, however.)
Bottom line -- it's not about just having generic Legos -- you need 'the right' Legos and a good eye for design -- as you can see if you check out these people's amazing designs:
Soren (one of the original designers of the game, very talented);
Here's a pic of Mitten Ninja's 'OHI-04 Grizzly' from Flickr;
and there's a ton more great MoF0 designers out there!
You can always search Mobile Frame Zero on Flickr to find cool images & the latest neat builds.  Also you can learn which bricks to get & builds from the "Mobile Frame Garage" blog.
And here's the Wiki: which includes rules variants, builds, websites, and more.