Walking Dead S05E15 - thoughts

I started watching Walking Dead bc my wife loves Zombie stuff & I'm a 'let's do it together' type.

Season 1 was my fav until now.

SPOILER ALERT (until the end)

To clarify:
Season 1 - Shane & Rich threesome
Season 2 - Country ranch
S03 - Governor pt 1 (hate him)
S04 - New disease (dull) & governor pt 2 (NoooooOooooOoo!)
S05 - quest for safety & Alexandria

Mostly I want to talk about S5E15, but there's so much to unload about Walking Dead.  (And Ive read a few graphic novels from Library too.)

W zombies - I'm convinced Negan gang from comic will show up, amy minute now.  Changing thrm to canibals makes sense.

Cowardly raider who caused Noah's death & also mayor's son -- The reason Glenn didn't kill him is to inject *a ton* of tension into the show, AND he isn't given enough backbone (by writers) to axe deadweight, which keeps him in the "good guy" catagory.

- Walkers eating Mayor's kid - essential bc it allows civilized folks to be very suspicious of Rick's group & makes it more legit for them to turn on Rick's group.  Also the Mayor can now be less rational.

- Wife beater surgeon Pete - flawed writing, a very 'on the nose' way of putting Rick into Shane's role but having him somehow 'heroic' -- even though he has a crush.  Despite my total disagreement with Carol (when she said Rick had to kill Pete), at least she is consistent: 'Survival at all costs, and no middle ground.'  Rick can't wear the badge anymore bc he is missing a few marbles since his wife croaked (but at least she doesnt visit the show anymore!).

- Carl & survivor girl -- if they can get in and out so easily, the town aint safe.  If they cant get back in, they shouldve been discovered.  (I'm *totally uninterested* in their coming romance!)

- Carol and kid -- while it comes off as humor, her threatening that kid was pretty dark stuff (esp when you consider her background).  Now she is befriending him bc his Dad is a bad dad.  Dunno.

- Daryl and amazingly bland (& gay) Aaron roaming the wild -- unless Aaron is around to get killed, I find him annoying.  Darryl is a fav.  Wish they didn't have to kill Merle, but he was a racist lowlife.

- Noah -- I was happy he went, not much in that character except a missing leg.

- Michonne KO's Rick -- I liked it, made sense.  Rick waving his gun around, assaulting the doc, and his rant was all like a crazy man.  Remember, Rick hit Carl in the fight too, making him no better than Doc Pete in a way.

- Missed Maggie, but barely noticed.  Missed mullet nerd Eugene and red-head army musclehead Abraham, and was ok with it bc they are so 2 dimensional.  Missed bad Priest, wish he would go bye bye -- priests in zombie flick$ = fodder.

- Lastly, Sasha shooting zombies.  Its annoying.  She's annoying.  Wish they gave her more to work with for backstory!  Can we have some multiracial love on the show besides Glenn and Maggie?

Lenny & Lola words & Expressions - Archive

My son has some amazing words & expressions at 2 years old, which he may likely someday grow out of, but we will always cherish:

Too Big - usually means 'No'
I lubyou - I love you
Fimmer - finger
Ooshas - shoes
Ahwee - water
Dabo-dabo - avocado
Tito - Tina (housemate)
Ahpahchoo (became Heppicoppa) - Helicopter
PideyWubs - Spiderwebs
Nack - snack
I do it! - I can do (something)
Let goat!  - Let go!
Baby's! - Mine!
Boogies - Boogers
Look!  Look! (then point at nothing)
Hot! - Anything warm
Spicy! - anything with a taste
Soccer Ball - any ball
Play Soccer Ball - play with a ball
Play Ketchup - play catch
Whuzzah? - 'whats that'
Food time! - meal time
Hot cereal! - oatmeal
Hot chocola - Hot chocolate
Pacoco - Popsicle
Cocopana - Kung Fu Panda
Kafabooei - Fafafooey (Kung Fu Panda)
Baby's! - mine!
Eight Thirty - only known time
All Done! - exclamation at 6am that we have to wake up
Downtairs & Uptairs - (hint: we have stairs)
Yogo - Yoga
Double - 'W' the letter
Bah lloon - obsession with balloons
Ah Do Dah - we dunno, still a mystery
Sepa (later became Spiggy) - filler word for any thing
Watch (the) George - Watch Curious George on TV
Sesame! - Watch Sesame St on TV
'Mote - Remote Control

2016 update
"I'm just playing for my friend, Mama" - I need some 1-on-1 Mama time
"Mama said..." (could be Daddy instead) - how he asks for stuff when other parent says 'No'
"I hurt my new bone" - often if he gets hurt, but he says "new" for many adjectives
"My foot is growing bigger" - daily commentary
"I'm a big boy" - he says it, we use it to get him to stop doing baby stuff.  Really helpful for potty training!
"A long day ago" - time expression for anytime before today.
"You are my bestest Daddy" (or Mama).
"Ryder is my bestest friend in the whole weld" - not sure when he'll say 'world' correctly, but weld is super cute.
"Selt" - salt
"I had a really weird dream.  It was a Star Wars dream." - said more than a hundred times, not sure he's really EVER had a Star Wars dream, but who knows?
"Ess ess ohh" - he says this all the time, no idea what it'd about.
Noonels - noodles

2017 update
Lenny continues to create great words, and also more expressions / phrases:
"You are the bestest cooker, Mama"
"I was just playing no is yes and yes is no" -- this causes troubles.
"I was just kidding."
"Knock knock" (who's there?) "Interrupting claw who" -- he def has the knock knock concept down, but needs some work on the phrasing.  I made the mistake of doing 'interrupting cow' too soon.  Ha
"I know this in my skull and head" -- he knows where he knows stuff.
Matend, matending = pretend.

And Lola now enters the mix
Da = dog
Dee = Lenny