Email to Richard Wolff, Left Wing radio economist

I sent the following email (below) to Richard D Wolf, my favorite economist on the radio today (I listen to him on KPFA & his Economic Update podcasts).  I highly recommend his shows for understanding Global Economics of  today.

Dear Richard,

So happy to hear your show (via KPFA or podcasts).  I learn a lot.

I question an accepted starting place in economic analyses: does everyone want USA (or global) economies to succeed?

From my perspective, namely working class Jew, it seems that the ultra wealthy are deliberately sabotaging society for their own power.

If everyone is wealthy (or no one is poor), wealthy people can't overrule the law & society with ease as many do now (as shown by crimes, govt manipulation, and profit extraction).

So if the wealthiest, who also may often be CEOs, Directors on Boards, govt legislators, and executives in companies, if these people are actually deliberately OPPOSED to success of poor & middle classes...
Can we make mechanisms to oust these people from their power roles -- but let them keep their excesses of wealth -- to protect society?  Are there any mechanisms now that can work?

When Bill Clinton changed policies to fine companies (supposedly to protect innocent workers & shareholders in organization) instead of putting corrupt corporate execs into jail, I felt that our society had been setup to be destroyed.

I hope you can answer this sometime on air.

Thank you!!