First Virtbook of Poetry - by rekzkarz

(copy/pasted from the original website)
by REkz, CopyWrong 1996 ©
Underground & Undercover ¥ ± ¤
CopyWrong 1996 © (You can't own an idea, but you can borrow it.)

Poetically Written Speakage
5% sale on strawberry-scent Love Monkeys
but purchases plastically may leave purchaser junkies
don't over-utilize accessible creditary courses
option's avail to destructify other simple money sources

For instance, oft recommended, are salivary deposits
easily collected from flowing mouth faucets
refined at millionaire salivary stations
to dehydrofied fruit juices and backup jelly rations

It's importatious to the extremist to recognize value
objects objectified objectively and then rendered blue
blood even thickest at peak tapering cell densities
fit excellentonally slowly into subterran communities

Furthermore the mind is mineable for herb root growths
low and be sold the malleous politician's corrupt oaths
speak highly and act low-down dogbone momma nasty
shield insides from missile daddy toating a big fatty

Twist the fingers to truthmasterful write the 'lectric
code the outpouring, spud, cuz Elmer ain't 'ccentric
don't whistle while ya piss, quoted from the luminous books
exist inside o'netted data base, izzat humorous?

From laugh-a-life shop bought the next fresh baby flesh
taco chick runback so fast for fried-shell meat-nest
lipping again the dogbone daddy passed on the veggie
wedgies don't mix deep with the caffeine maker, Freddy

Pour us a cup-half cuz a full is a double-barrel blast
passed on the salivary but it looks rubber blurry fast
monkey loving ain't bug fluff when liquid comes a'sweet
flew the rancid pony wagon on a venture for wholewheat

Breaded cod spooned in clean pudding bowl China
digested kinda fishy oily after chug of lima
beans and muscle formulae etched in blackboard chalking
dropped a pheromone remote control underdoor unlocking

Black white baby floater window opens to the sun
ruined lightrays filtered by the Elmer with big gun
violence breeds hay weeds and a quarter moon enhances
rainbow tabs of durables annihilate dead Roman dances

Mind Hell Bean
Mind Hell Bean
Plant Glass Brain
Spine Sour Fly
Meat Fruit Barbell
Tequila Song Pill

Humpy Tobacco Wipes
Avarice Chunk Loaf
Clock Tray Trials
Scary Linen Corner

When Shines the Crack
When Crack Shines
Time is Oiled
Blood Lubricates
the Manual Car, Man

Automatic Typo
Written Yellow Pages,
Cricket Detection System
Spies All Around -- Squarely.

Don't Jerk the Main Console
Button Head! Tap lightly,
Lie Darkly Amidst the Dog Hair'd
Spare Tire Children.

Burial Under the Pages,
Time Passed the Magazine Garbage Pile,
Stone Tomb Covering Sunshine Blocker #27,
Younger Women Prefer Eagle Pellets.

Teletouch Yourself Via Plastic Connectors. Ah.
Charged Wires Calorify Thoughts, Again.
Spears, Eyes, and Fortunate Thighs in a Can.
Grocery Theater With No Commercial Interruptions.

Many hold the Wart, but Toxic Oxen Know More.
Diseased Sole Profit, Good Business Sensei
Travel Loosely Taped, Seasoned Ape Half Price Sale,
Male Rice Paddies Suck Cosmic Juices,
Squeezins Chock full o' Dinosaur Linoleums and Detail.

Faint Bull Jello Left-Overs Sparingly Veined,
Spring Tiles Arrived, Fingering Sign Box BackPacks.
Buff-Wax Violent Mist on an Express Money Card Message.

Battery Powered Penis Face,
Low Consumption Energy Dinner,
Weiner Smoke Repetition,
Bounced Squid Limbs of Desktop Imagery.

Dwelling on Equality
East is Right, but I don't mean wing
West is the Left and we're talkin "Out There".
There are East Coasters feel nude without a tie
We got those on the West, but no one likes 'em
Less they're also pullin down the 100k + lifestyle.

But I ain't holding 10 hundred dollar bills
The new kind with the face looking Monopoly-like
If I did I'd throw my bucks into an apartment complex
In the Bronx, where the hot water's unreliable,
Less you're a dealer pullin down the 100k + lifestyle.

When you go to buy a car in the West,
Skip the Hondas, Isuzus, Mitsubishis, Toyotas, Kias, Hyundais
-- You'd rather die than be caught in thaat trash
With your hair all dolled up and slicked back
To flash the image of your Mercedeses, BMWs, or Jeeps
To the others who're pulling down the 100k + lifestyle.

East coasters don't see the Man makin 20k a month
You think money rides the subway? Fool! He flies home
30 blocks uptown, soaring over the city blocks silently
In the hottest BMW Mercedes Solar Hang Glider you can buy.
The poor stinky ones ride the underground rat train.

LA's not like that. The rich can't hide yet.
Traffic jams the rich cars too, but the roads are still free.
Soon they'll respond to the free market -- I mean, Chevron --
So what if it costs 35 bucks one-way on the Reagan Expressway
You think your tax money guarantees you a free ride, sonny?
Not unless you're pulling down the 100k + lifestyle.

Looks like Up, but it's DOWN
7 times a day, 8 hours or more
selling my body to the corp like a whore
wonder to myself why they're rich and I'm po-
well, not poor, because poor lives on the street
begging for change, torn up shoes on their feet.

Don't walk in this city 'cause of the dangers
people are afraid of everything b/c of the strangers
the guns, the drugs, the thieves, the spies
everything America's about is here -- and it's all lies.

So I'm upset about it -- Sorry that I give a fuck.
I'm more concerned with freedom than the value of a buck.
Funny part is in a democracy people are supposed to
but this is a Biz Country, no one is opposed to
domination. Domination Nation. Police State.

OK, then. If the police take over, I'll enter the academy.
I'll wear the kinky black leather, night stick, the pepper spray.
Then I'll free the prisoners who's crime is race
I'll release the poor uneducated mobs without a face.
Or maybe I'll join the army and enter the next war
and when the "defensive strike" begins, I'll try to save the poor.

Hitler had a theory and I say some of it is true
I bet you never thought you'd hear this coming from a Jew.
He said that the whole world is one big fat pie chart
and the less people on earth, the bigger is each part.
I agree with that, but killing isn't the best technique
to cut down the numbers and allow individuality to peak.
I say, statiscally, if people get an education
they tend to have less children - and endure less indoctrination.

So the next time the world's at war,
just think about who's dying,
and the next time you go shopping
who benefits from what you're buying,
and when our democrat politicians speak,
to whom is it they're lying,
and when we pay for more police,
just who is it we're jailing?

And the next time you take a drink,
ask if the war on drugs is failing,
and when you want to hear the news,
think about who's paying to tell it,
and when you try to drink some juice,
think about who's exploited to sell it.

But better than all these questions, let's consider this
cause this is the part that gets me really pissed.
In a voting representative government, we all share a bit
of responsibilty for electing into office a twit
or worse than that, a smart rich white man
who's job's to sell the nation a twisted fascist plan
that lets him work in nice plush public offices
taking under-the-table bribes and engaging in nasty vices.

But worse than that, to instigate foreign covert action
so when White Control falls here, they can flee to a foreign faction.
Even worse than this, we know how biz
is moving across the borders,
so someday soon, the Big White Man
won't have to take public orders.

That's what I'm saying, kids -- get ready to work for free
because you're future is being sold away -- That's the sad reality.

2 Verses of Nothingness
Summed up two heads
Down the chair legs.
Crooked cow udderings
Mixed bun butterings.

High tide's crop flower
Sensitive milk shower.
I eye loftily the circuit worm
Convicted droppings of straightened perm

wymyn and mens shud livin hardmoney
Because of love that I had for a special woman
I know what it means to be half a person.
Now that I've given up love, I'm whole again
But a whole that is smaller than two halves together
Which is why shrinking is so painful.
1 + 1 = 1.6 (approx.) but 1.6 / 2 = .8

I had expanded my form to encompass my beloved
She had filled herself with me and myself with her
I said things she'd say, I thought her thoughts
I travelled the spiral pathway into her heart
But the lovetrain derailed after a 2 year rough ride.

Love poems are stupid, Cupid's a bungler
Shot me in the ass 3 weeks too early and even then
I wouldn't have wanted to be in love. I wanted to be in, that's all
Just wanted a little warmth and companionship.
Didn't know I was in for a thousand dollar spin
through the emotional jungle.

Don't crop your Hair...
Body exists for one purpose only
Hair follicle generation, proliferation,
Eventual formation of the hair nation.
You're either with us, or against us,
Shaved headed enemies, balding chubby men, old bald grannies.

The "Hair War" opposes nature. (God was a gorilla!)
Tugging, picking, shaving, waxing, defoliating,
These are the tools of destruction of the divine.

How many body parts provide such sensual gifts
As soft touches, lingering smells, or divine textures?
When your eyes fall to your beloved's hair on the pillow,
Does it fill you with love or anger? Love, and longing.
Allow the hair to flourish and so too does sensuality,
But crop the strands at the expense of all.

Read it or weep
Read it or weep
Beef vitamin shirts
grill spiral of black
downward rising eyeball

bounce back, forever bounce back.

Cilia waving sack
blue bulge veins
song of toxic love spill

weight gains and money may kill.

Summon the digital men
reposessed new heads
frame to open sky

come return the reds, loving reds.

Big lies bed
swallow bird pills
swimming in soil drawers

higher evolutionary scores to fund wars.

Ship rough hairs
Reverse image breakthrough
Scars of electric candlewicks

Dank cave memories full of chew.

beloved triviality assaults her spirit
with envelopes, stamps, and bank statements
IF she cancelled those statements
it could save not only forests of trees
but she might forget her minute stature
Locked into the no-conscience machine
-- I was once a wingnut in the mind-conttrol raygun attachment
funded by the D.O.D.

When I escaped the TV satellites' influence
I almost realized I was free to be free
-- but the unpaid bills Still called to mme
Dollars! Checks! The bills Hungered for more than I had.
When I took off my clothes to Satiate their desires, they desisted
Objects are your Food, not ours...

But what they took was not money -- it was Life.

Congrats to all for being... cool

Congrats to all for being... cool AAA
enough to hang with crazy types NYT
or type for crazy hanging people AMB
who play with electronic devices whimsically. FEB

The fantasies of chocolate coated women DDE
controlling access to capitalist data XTC
is pure 2010 science faction BUT
in a purple blouse and blue jeans. 4ME

Work is not the center of this poem CBT
but merely the conduit into the heart CBO
(food does the trick but is more fattening) LED
and mind and soul and eyes and ears. XXX

Yo. 'Sup Melinda? How'r they hangin', baby?
Late night with bong in hand
and crashing disonance on 6 CDs
Offbeat Ari pulls down a cloud
as the Babe from Above ambles in

"Stone?" he asks the gold hair'd Melinda
with supple body and erotic curves
Melinda of Wesleyan comes forward
to hold his bong in her hand and bold eyes wide

The hit she takes while Ari relates
a story Melinda need never hear nor desire to
Upon her exhale she reveals her daily episode
while he fantasizes openly upon her

She recounts a tale hilarious and unusual
replete with customized sounds
she laughs she smiles she shares
he frowns and glares
for his damaged heart still bleeds from another

The other woman who holds his love is cruel
Melinda the fair jewel of Red House doesn't see nor truly care
for his issues because the link forged by egos
is first sexual, not intellectual

Relationship nonetheless is born of enjoyment of the other
and their entirely opposite ways
And long past their last gaze
they hold feelings of friendship
as past horrors fade to nothingness

Spanks for Nutin, honey!
Trips round the World like a stumblin drunk
too high to drink, that stoner punk

Low life's creapin it's way to the top
Royalty scumbag pads make me wanna stop

London's the base of the imperialist plot
Communists laugh when the royalty's shot

The high is the low cuz the money corrupted
Morals of scummy humans are equally busted

Attack of the Yuppie Kids Granny's got a gun
Dropping cocaine in eyelids Shooting birds for fun
Workin is a pathetic goal Granny's violent boys
Karate kicks the model role Bust the good kids' toys

Voices of rejects rise in volumination
Squeaky complaints compel quick termination

Fascistic boys in loincloth-like ties
Governing bureacracy with corporate lies

No true news is ever reported Told my friend to toke a hit
All money is extorted/exported Sat myself down cuz this's the shit
Greenbacks have no real color Spacey was the place I'd flown
White power must fade to another Hazey had my psycho-psyche grown
Bogus media most die Never had my spirit gone so high

To run with the doves yet to be a secret crow
To have the darkest knowledge no-one can know

Run around daily, pretending to live lightly
Planning usurpation of the powers unsightly

To stand by the immorally oppressive white blight
Is to betray the millions who fought for their rights

I admit my trip has taken me to corpzone
But I know I'm red down to the bone

When the commies were jailed for their free minds
And in the 90's dealers are busted for their trade in da kind
I know who'll be layin out the truth to the underknowledged
And we're not talkin history I learned in no white college

Spanks for Nutin, Boyz!

Day Dream in Bed
Layin in the bed with a dream of the Buddha
bud visit to my head with a chocolate scent.
Staying in my mind cuz the feeling is a pretty
lie -- what is it 'f I'm dead'n all the love is spent?

The first love was the worst trip
so I left for a good shape and goal
My strong hopes fed a fresh ship
that was born from my honest soul.

Walkin up the steps on a pathway predetermined
God asked that I leave my obstacles with my ego
Talk is what it takes to let me past my fear and hurting
Odd fact that I need the ol' troubles in me to grow.

As The Smoke Clears
As The Smoke Clears
From My First Cigarette
Since I Quit Smoking
The Questions And Anger Fade Away
New Ones Come Into My Head

Am I as Repressed As I Feel?
When The Woman I Loved
Told Me Everything I Am And Do -- Is Shit
I Didn't Feel So Torn Up -- Inside.

The Cigarette Hasn't Fixed Me Yet.
Would Therapy? Martial Arts?
They'd Both Help, I'll Bet
To Fix my Damage -- I Am Damaged...

But What Is Healthy -- That's A Good Question
I know What To Do, What Not To Do
But What To Be Is Hard
I Need To Be Something

I Am An Inventor, An Engineer
Designer Of Machinery That Doesn't Exist
Is That The Same As Nothing?
Have I Been Born To Be Nothing?

If My Own Little World Was Everything
Then I'd Be Everything Too...
But I Feel Like A Grain Of Sand
Buried In A Beach Of Others Existences.

The Plan
The longterm plan
Was it to live in fear?
Was it to live in love?
Our goal is NOT clear.

We're struggling forward
To fall to the past
The balance is breaking
Between the first and the last.

Did our ancestors die
For corporate profit
TV every night, radio in the day
Don't go outside -- it's too dangerous.

I saw a movie for 15 bucks
On the news about a fantasy land
It all took place in a media world
Guided through holding government's hand.

I took a pill prescription strength
To kill the pain in my head
When I returned from the chemical nirvana
I was programmed and ready to be fed.

Cell phone went off and pager bleeped
And my mailboxes overflowed with data
As they struggled furiously for my dollars --
The plan is not going according to plan.

Isolated BOY

Isolated BOY in HAPPY world Dream the Reality
Come forth to the TRAUMA ZONE And it may come.
Fantasies won't help you Live the Reality
Wake Up, Snap out of it. of No Dreams
to Feel the Cold Rock
Don't buy in, Don't sell out Hands grip you
You are BIG on the Inside and pull you down
You will be small small small into The MACHINE.
They will decide all.
Who lubricates the gears
What should you do of Leviathan Nation?
When the Fascists come to town? You do with blood, sweat,
Is it okay to jump ship now tears, and come.
or best to stay on board and drown? When they own your SEX
Then you're really FUCKED.
The other ants in The ANT HILL
Don't seem to see a thing It's hard to tell
besides their car, house, food but soon the end
clothes, and cliche decorating. will be the beginning
JUST LIKE YOU. of a Union of PEOPLE.
The Union of Governments
Paranoid BOY flees The City The Union of Businesses
Country life's TOO isolated to feel safe
At least in The City you KNOW
They're watching, They're listening... The Racism
The Sexism
What good is one gun against a nation? The Fascism
Well... How about One Thousand or Ten? Will DIE
but you will have to pull the trigger Must DIE
and kill a blind innocent VICTIM Should DIE
and you have a CONSCIENCE. and be REBORN
The NATION has NO Conscience. as
THEY live. THEY thrive. The take. CONSCIENCE.
Let us begin...

I stand on tombstones looking for love.
The remorse and ache for my legacy burns
in the pit of my stomache.
I'd spit on the villains
who killed my ancestors.
Revenge growls and drools at the image
of Christian Extremists suffering and dying --

Eye for an eye, they preach,
pounding women and children bloody
under vile actions hidden
under propaganda unholy.

But my revenge will never come
nor will my heart-ache mellow.
I understand what chosen means
when God picked me I was blessed.
Given the gift of live, forever pressed
to pass over the cruel retribution
and live in the honor of my persecution.

I live for family and for myself,
in anticipation of friendship and sweet romances.
I can no longer ignore the bitter hate
of my brothers and sisters, trained for contrast,
blind to our similar holiness.

Could it be so horrible for love to inspire
and power dynamics to burn to cinders
in a blaze of money fire? I have begun
to pray for the future, envisioning...
That my honourable path will end.

Po Yum #37
Poem isn't a noun.
The Earth isn't round.
The brain has no control.
Ego without a soul.
Pick up lines aren't smooth.
Forwardness isn't rude.
Shyness is a vice.
A fool makes mistakes twice.
I don't know what's real.
I steer by what I feel.

Subversive Sparrow
The bird is broken
There's no way to fly
The steel jaw police pig
Shackles us to ground
Who signed the contract
Selling my soul - my SOUL -
Self control, usurped
By their rules, their guns.
Wealth rules improverished fools.
The loudness won't come out
Lips glued shut from fear
And sobriety. And piety.
How could we agree to apathy?
The differences between slavery
And work are obvious!!
But what are they? Oh yes --
Self rule during leisure time.
Part-time slavery is different
Indentured servitude to credit
Cards and loans is different.
Didn't you see the king die?
Yes, his son the CEO took over
The Earth... Progress myth.
The bird is shackled to ground
There's no way to fly
Until we let go...
And take our place in the sky.

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CopyWrong 1996 © (You can't own an idea, but you can borrow it.)

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