Perominos - 50 Fathoms Character

50 Fathoms Character:
Name - Perominos
Ships Mage - Water (aims to be a Captain someday)
Kraken - Aquatic (move at full swimming, speak
underwater, d6 swimming), Dehydration (1hr/24 hrs in
water), Natural Talent = +10 Power Points Arcane

Traits - d4 in each (+5 pts to raise die type)
Agility d6 (1pt)
Smarts d10 (3pts)
Spirit d6 (1pt)
Strength d4
Vigor d4

Skills - (15 pts)
Boating - d6 (2pts - Agil)
Climb - d4 (1pts - Str)
Fighting - d4 (1pt - Agil)
Healing - d6 (2pts - Smart)
Knowledge - d8 (3pts - Smart)
Notice - d6 (2pts - Smart)
Persuasion - d4
+2 Noble (1pt - Spirit)
Spellcasting - d8 (3 pts)
Swimming - d6 (free d6 - Agil)

Masaquani (read/write/speak, d6 knowledge (Msqni))
Kraken (read/write/speak)

Hindrances - 4pts = 2 edges
Heroic (Major) - Character ALWAYS helps those in need
Pacifist (Minor) - fight only in self-defense = 1pt
Loyal (Minor) - never betray or disappoint his friends
= 1pt

Arcane Bacakground (Water MAgic)
requirements - Novice, Smarts d6, Kraken
Noble (N)

Possible Desired experience
gains (not in order):
Persuasion (Spirit) d6
Notice (Smart) d8, d10
Investigation (Smart) d4, d6, d8, d10
Repair (Smart) d4, d6, d8, d10
Healing (Smart) d8, d10
Connections (N) - call on powerful friends w/Persuasion Roll
Rapid Recharge - regain 1 pwr pt / 30 mins
Filthy Rich (N + Noble) - 5x starting funds, $250k salary Imp'd Rapid Recharge - regain 1 pwr pt / 15 mins
Sidekick (L)
Wizard (N, reduces spell costs 1 pt)
Elemental Mastery (S, Arcane Background) adds new Elemental Magic, each = -1 spellcasting rolls