Post-OREGON hop review - travel summary

Whew. Wow. Whoa.

So, just a quick recap of the month:

Los Angeles from 6/10-6/12.
Santa Cruz from 6/18-6/19.
Florence, OR from 6/24-6/27.
I'M TIRED... bet Corinna is too...

And the big big 3 hour interview is TOMORROW!
Going to sleep, pray, and then -- kick some ass!!!

But I can't get over the BUSH conspiracy / nightmare we're living in.
It makes 1984 look like 'dystopia-lite'!

And gotta mention Abandonwarez, favorite site would be :
UnderDogs Abandonwarez Banner
I dloaded Master of Magic off this site, and it's been 3+ years
that I've been playing the damn thing!
Love the concept -- recycling software. :D

And Corinna & I have come to a decision about things.