Poem - Leaving of the Domain of Work

Leaving of the Domain of Work
-- by Ari 10/25/05

Work, I have lost your inspiration
Since the banishing reorganization
Cast me into the nether-cubes
And I bide there yet, anticipating.

Work, the noblest aspiration of good men,
Christians at heart, foregoing base pleasures,
Delaying ignoble gratifications of flesh,
Pursuing unattainable dreams of the wealthy.

Work's goal, stolen early for me,
Properties priced beyond my fantasies,
Creative ventures beyond my skills,
Technologies far past my own imagination.

Work had a significance at one time,
Long past, when shortages were rampant.
Today's peoples need never know lack
If not for the insatiable apettite Of power.

Work changes from survival to expression,
Social positions devolve to brand labels,
Nationalism fades behind corporate ranks,
Destiny's weight presses down on executives.

Work once was sweat and blood, and now
The clicks of delete cover the virtuous,
Many colors striving for survival
In corridors, kitchens, and bathrooms stolen.

Work never works for moral folk,
Dumbfounded that the laziest get promoted
Past glass ceilings of ethics and fairness,
Unconcerned at their lack of claim to success.

Work for me! Don't work against me!
I beg of you in your stone castles of control,
Please cease emailing away your heart,
Invest conscience back into your calling.

Work no more for death, but for life!
Pause in the endless consuming for a thought,
A vague fantasy of forests and friendships,
Visions of a future deserving the work.

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