post-intro class for Ableton LIVE

Ableton Live. I just took an intro class at where we learned on Ableton Live v4, although v5 is out now.

And now I own an input device (M-Audio Mobilepre USB pre-amp) and took a class in the software...

It SEEMS like a 'killer app' for audio! You can mix up lots of loops and add effects ** and add in LIVE AUDIO tracks to the mix ** and remix them with real-time effects. WOW

It's like 20 guitar pedals that can work on a bunch of audio inputs PLUS any pre-arranged audio tracks.

I hope to have some tunes made soon.
Or at least, after I can knock out a demo reel for some applications. Not sure if what I've got is good enough, but I'm going to apply for a grad program in FILM. ONWARDS!!!! :D

I posted a review of the Ableton Live BAVC class and I feel like I sounded too harsh. We were exposed to some amazing tech ... but I felt like the info we covered would've been done justice for $200 in 1 day, not $420 and 2 days. If you don't read the review, which is fine, I'll just point out that we had too much unstructured time and not enough structure. (Hard to believe I'm saying that!!! Is this the REAL R-E?) And the teacher even mentioned that we were learning on older version software bc the facility didn't want to pay for the upgrade AND that his tutorial handouts were out-dated AND then the Mac's couldn't open the manuals for the software!

Y'know, there is just NO PLEASING some people!

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