Hugo Chavez on Democracy Now

I don't want to rant today.

I would like you to hear Hugo Chavez interview on Democracy Now instead, either audio or video. WOW!!!

There's also links to a longer Chavez speech (64mb) in NY. Learn about what politics can really be like. Can you imagine a government that focusses on helping people rather than helping businesses? Where the focus is on helping and healing vs profiteering and warmongering? Chavez also touches on Robertson's assassination threat and the upcoming oil crisis.

Damn, I ranted.

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radar said...

Woe, you admire someone who hates the United States and our system of democracy and despise our President? When I think of Chavez, I think of a dictator who is a human rights violater - part of the problem in the world rather than the solution. Guess I see things rather differently than you, eh?