Magic, Grief, Loss, Resilience

Magic in Venice. Thank you God!
I love Venice Beach! Somehow the energy of LA doesn't affect it that much. The people swirl and steer the energy there to a higher level, and a deeper level, and in a more real style.

I guess it goes hand in hand with why I like Bay Area living? Comfortable, Left Wing energy where people pause and think, and get out and experience. They share vibrations...

I'm not sure I've been doing that a lot lately myself, but I'm bouncing. My Grandmother Diane passed away last month, and that was hard. I'm glad for her that she has moved to the next plane, b/c she wasn't happy often on this one ... but it's still quite a loss.

My grandmother has been very grounding for me, and very supportive and validating. She was perhaps the main reason for my resilience as a child, such as it was.

I was down, I grieved. I couldn't shave, could barely sleep, and felt some tears. But now grieving time has moved to remembering, and being inspired. The resilience has kicked in again.
I was writing at one time, "UNSTOPPABLE" as a mantra, but it's shifted to a new name "R.E. ACTION". That's what I see coming, some big actions.



Unknown said...

I'm happy you're feeling better :-)

$9,000,000,000 Write Off said...

Dude, you came to LA and didn't even visit or give a call? I work right up the beach in Santa Monica and you couldn't pop on buy for a soda and some pizza?

On danger of aging is only collecting like-minded friends; its important to keep in touch with the old ones, who are different and provide diversity to what could otherwise be an echo chamber.