A living SUN? An all powerful diety of the heavens -- or merely a megablasting nuclear fireball?



Thinker said...

I think the sun is alive, all religions talk of God as a light and the source of all energy, well that sounds like the sun to me, maybe God is hidden in plain sight. After all the earth and all that is on the earth came from the sun, seems like the creator.

Unknown said...

The sun is alive, intelligent, aware of its surroundings, aware of us and aware that we are aware of our selves just like we are aware of virus and bacteria.
All stars are life forms, they are born, have a turbulent adolescent and then live a stable and predictable life then die. Just like humans or any other animal in nature.
However, like the difference between the intelligence of our human brain and the intelligence of a virus, the intelligence of the sun is far more advanced than out puny brain. the stars intelligence resides on a completely different dimensional level and we could no more understand the way a star thinks any more than a virus can understand how a human brain thinks.
I would think that the odds of a star being intelligent (being that the sun or any other star is nothing more than a hyper big quantum computer with its incredibly complex structure and magnetic patterns) and even pretending to be a GOD to humans is FAR more plausible than a GOD who is omnipotent and designed the universe soly for humans.