Kucinich HR 333 -- Hoorah!

Kucinich HR 333 - calling for the impeachment of VP Cheney

Personally, I say IMPEACH THEM BOTH!

They have pre-emptively invaded Iraq on false pretenses, mismanaged New Orleans, allowed torture and violation of civil rights thus violating the Geneva Convention, funneled BILLIONS into Haliburton w/o any bidding, and violated American citizens' rights by overstepping the priviledges of the Republican (so called) Patriot Act.

And that's all without mentioning 9/11 and any conspiracy theories you might have about that. (and I have many! -- see below for an overview)

Conspiracy theories like Marvin Bush (the President's other brother) running security for the World Trade Center during the attack, the WTC being purchased and newly insured against bombing months prior to the fiasco, or the extra falling building, or that engineers argue the building's steel posts shouldn't have melted, or the eyewitness accounts of explosions, the training missions for the airforce fighters, the new head of FAA on the day of 9/11, etc etc.

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