Al Gore for Green Party President 2008

I just posted this to the comments section on Al Gore's website. Why don't you post similar and drag Al Gore into the 2008 Presidency as the GREEN CANDIDATE?
Help me PLASTER THE WEB with this concept!!!

Please, if someone can get this to him, show this to (President) VP. Gore ASAP?

Since the Democrats are a shameful embarassment of a political party, Gore should run as Green zcandidate for 2008!

Dem's suck because:
  1. Voted yes to War & Patriot Act,
  2. Didn't force a cap on Record Oil Profits (btw --> price fluxes were not based on 'free market' supply demand but 100% market manipulation by corps),
  3. Won't even discuss Impeachment (why didn't that happen to Pres. Clinton?),
  4. NO CANDIDATE will stand by Kucinich's HR333!!,
  5. Poor investigation of Voter Fraud,
  6. Didn't slam Bush for Hurricane Katrina incompetence,
  7. Allowing no-bid graft 'donations' to Halliburton,
  8. Funding ongoing Iraq fiasco,
  9. Didn't nail Bush about lying to America about WMD's, spilling an undercover agent's name as political revenge, Gonzalez' abuse of office, Scooter Libby's scandal, Rove's consistent violation of ethics standards,
  10. and so much more... (I'm keeping this list short for legibility, not for lack of issues)
The Dems are basically GIVING AWAY EVERYTHING Americans fought for.

So why not have Gore run as the GREEN PARTY Presidential Candidate?
  1. He could win (I think he would win)
  2. He would force Democratic party to commit to some environmental platform (which he says is more important than him personally winning anything)
  3. He would permanently help the Green party (and hopefully all American 3rd parties AND representative elections instead of 'winner take all')
  4. The Dem's betrayed him before
  5. He could keep his ethics and be 100% anti-war, 100% anti-corporate 'collusion', & 100% pro-environment

He'd get my vote!

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