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Driven to distraction!!!

I'm stressing over my upcoming shortfilm (Driver) which we're shooting on 9/29 & 9/30. So what did I do? I bought a video game and stayed up til 5am messing with it!

The game ... sucked. Or to be kinder, it was not very fun. Galactic Civilization II - Dread Lords. It's a pretty version of Master of Orion II, which IMO was 'the classic' game -- and is avail for free now as a download! Crazy! The reason GalCiv II sucks IMO was b/c they forgot to make it EASY to play FAST. Keyboard shortcuts and SPEED are important to a gamer like me, who doesn't want to play for hours and hours... More like minutes.

So after the 5am gaming stint, what'd I do? I got more games off the 'net(this time for Treo 700p) and installed 'em.
And ... it's a sad thing to say in some ways ... I got kMoria and it's so much better than any new game I've played. Game makers should be embarassed!! Rogue-like games started off the 'Diablo' thang, but Rogue-likes are STILL simply IMO the best.

What they lack in graphics they make up for in STYLE and unpredictability. I can play the darn things over and over. I think they might be the first games made for computers, actually, and they're open source!

OK, enough dorking. But I had to post the links for anyone/everyone!

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