George Carlin - the Real American Rulers

Have you heard George Carlin before? Give this clip a shot. His humor is often the truth...

John McCain has a posting on where he asks:
What is the biggest challenge America faces?
(He writes) Our country is faced with challenges as we enter into the 21st century. I am prepared to effectively deal with these challenges and lead our country as President on Day 1. Please let me know what you view as the biggest challenge America faces and how you would like your President to address this challenge.

(I responded)
Mister McCain, I'm so glad you (or your assistant who knows how to use a computer) asked this question. The answer:

The biggest challenge America faces is people like you, and the other Neo-Con 'New World Order' right-wing zealots / fascists. Bush goes on and on about foreign terrorists making war against the USA -- however, he never acknowledges that the USA (via the CIA) has been making terrorist wars against many countries for decades.

Now your group is trying to argue that torturing others is helpful in beating the enemy in a war where there are no lines between friendly or enemy.

It's a 100% lie. Al Queda was created by the CIA and given billions of dollars. Now, assuming it really did turn against the USA, which is what the USA always wanted so it could validate having agressive military foreign policy, the CIA and the military-industrial complex can argue that the USA needs a superspy force full of James Bond types to go and kill these 'evil' people. It's the perfect contrived scenario for an unrestrained war-time expansionistic policy.

However, I don't want superspies or billions more poured into the war machine. I don't want corporate welfare while poor American people starve or become homeless. I don't want fenced borders against supposedly "illegal aliens" or the CIA doing covert wars against foreign countries. I don't want GM foods, oil barons, or a health-care system that makes a profit on suffering.

I want the military budget cut in half, and no more offensive illegal wars, period. I want an end to homelessness, and social security extended to all ages of Americans, and I want medical care to be socialized. I want to see oil and all natural resources become socialized (at least in ownership) and a cap placed on maximum corporate profits on necessities, especially since these are all derived from publically owned resources. I also want radio and TV to be reclaimed by the public and to carry more non-corporate footage.

I want to see the Republican party address some of it's inconsistencies, like "Right to Life" and Death Penalty policies, and tax breaks for wealthy but no substantial breaks for lower classes. I can name many more.

There is no free market and never has been. You seek a world of haves and have-nots. If we wanted truly free markets, then no wealthy people would be able to leave any wealth to their offspring; Brains and skill would determine merits from the start. But we live in a society controlled by old wealth that tries it's best to hide behind a curtain of obscured ownership. But I can see you.

You represent death and domination. Any American that votes for you is voting for maintaing a class system of old wealth and tyranny over the middle classes, the poor, and the disenfranchised.

See the link below and hear it from a comedian -- at least he can make the truth sound funny. (the George Carlin link)

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