VideoRevolt has begun -- Help? + Birthday Request

How can become a real thriving business which can help the earth, earn some bucks, and help fellow multimedia artists around the world?

This morning at 6am I realized that I'm not alone here -- so I thought I'd ask YOU peeps!


The concept so far:

"The revolution will not be televised";
the Video (*R)Evolution flows along internet streams of public media.

The core revolution we want to see as humans can be broken into 3 core concepts:
freedom, mutual respect, and sustainability.

The Video (*R)evolution has the chance to embody the features which we want to see born from it; including peacefulness, environmental awareness, care for the earth and all of her creatures, and also entertainment -- while sharing wealth, giving credit where credit is due, empowering true democratic practices, and enabling the artistic authentic voices currently being squashed by the corporate media takeover of 9/11 & y2k.

And now, the question I pose to all of you -- how can we do this?

We have the domain name ... the rest will manifest...

Specifics -- oops, almost forgot.
Acquire a reasonably priced location in the heart of the (*R)evolution (likely Berkeley),
gather together a lot of (r)evolutionary content made by real people,
and start streaming content starting only on internet
(& later perhaps on Cable & U-verse -- if that's important).

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