Green-ocrats -- if we can't beat 'em...

This is a reprint of a email I sent to my fellow Green party members.

Green Party friends, & others reading my blog (

Here's my latest 'radical' idea:

I'd like the Green party to intentionally 'spin off' a group inside the Democratic Party, similar in theory to the Tea Baggers, perhaps called 'Green-ocrats', who say clearly that they are Democrats who include the entire Green Party platform in their platform.

3 advantages to this tactic:
We can run very Green candidates in primaries,
We can exploit Democrat party funding and popularity, &
We can help pull Dem's (and the nation) to the Left.

I guess it's a strange idea, but we could call ourselves 'radicals in liberal clothing' or something humorous?

When Ralph Nader took money from the Republicans, he said it was bc the 2 parties were basically the same. I thought that message was good (despite it backfiring on him/us in the media), but there was another answer implied in his statement: the Dem's need to be pulled HARD to the LEFT to become differentiated.
Since the teabaggers strategy is working so well to bring out the reactionary Right-Wing lunatics, why not immitate their success?

Does cannibalizing ourselves and 'joining the sellouts' sound RADICAL enough to anyone?

*Fine point* - all Green-ocrats keep their Green Party allegiance EXPLICIT.


Peace - NOW

Ps: if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em -- & make 'em Lefties!

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Drewcifer said...

That's not too terribly crazy an idea, really.