MegaMind movie - SUCKED

I saw MegaMind in 3D at a movie theater.  I wasn't expecting greatness, but I was hoping that something in it would be cool or neat or fun or something.
It was expensive @ $13 for a 3D film which didn't really use the 3D to do anything cool.  Disappointing.  I may not be the 'target audience' at 39 almost 40, but I saw MegaMind in a room full of kids. I laughed only 2x during the movie, the kids mostly laughed once. Behind me, a kid was so bored he got the foot tapping syndrome (right in my ear).  Kids would hate this multimillion dollar film.  I was wondering what audience was the target for this dud?
This film did not work in almost every way that Incredibles did work: No good action scenes, no exciting plot development, only a sad 'turn around' making the villain a hero -- which not only was not convincing but was trite and un-fun.
Pixar I've heard goes thru a huge amount of work to get the story first.  This film had a flawed story, namely that a villain turned hero is not that exciting, and a loser turned loser villain is not very exciting, and the hero abdicating to live a secret life 'free of responsibility' is similarly not exciting.
Which seems to explain why MegaMind 3D was completely not exciting.

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