CNN bias & US News Media bias

I tried to post this comment to a Blog on Andersen Cooper on CNN asking whether Andersen Cooper is biased.
The comment would not get accepted (blogger error?).  Reposting my comment here.  Thank you blog!

I watch CNN a lot. It is biased. I consider it conservative with rare left-wingers and frequent right-wing 'plants'. I listen to a lot of left-wing media (Democracy Now, Counterspin, Beneath the Surface) and various 'middle ground' media like KQED.
What's so interesting for me about US media is the 'self-branding' is all backwards. Generally media that describes itself as 'Left-Wing' or progressive is actually 'middle', like Green 960 or other similar self-proclaimed Progressive or Liberal media.

Or CNN, which has a huge pro-corporate pro-war bias, but says it is fair & balanced -- yet it never is called to account on those topics. CNN was eager to embed journalists with US military and provides skewed war statistics (only reporting US dead, not reporting US military violations of international law).

Fox News claims to be Conservative, but it is neo-fascistic and controlled by Right-wing thinktanks.

Democracy Now and other sources are truly left-wing 'progressive', from my POV. Trying to get access to truly 'radical' left-wing media is next to impossible in the USA, and probably would be called terrorist or inciting to revolt, so very little of that media makes it to the airwaves (except wrapped in hiphop songs & some metal & punk songs).

Last issue --> has anyone ever heard a news story on CNN discussing GM food co's (Monsanto & similar) terrorizing the rest of the world to force other countries to take GM foods? How about stories on gas co's and futures companies manipulating oil & gas prices? Where are the stories calling into question why Bush called Venezuela and Argentina part of the 'Axis of Evil' (b/c they were anti-capitalist and pro-social welfare)? How about stories about the World Bank enforcing austerity on foreign countries and forcing the poorest groups into abject poverty? How about the 9/11 coverup around the Pentagon attack (missile vs plane), or the ongoing violations of international law re: drone assassination strikes against so-called terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan -- attacks which are killing many civilians when no 'war' has been declared (and these acts are not terrorism?)?

How about some stories calling into question the unconstitutional use of Blackwater (aka XE Corp) and the US use of mercenaries (so-called 'contractors') to fight in secret foreign and domestic disputes?

Another point -- WikiLeaks. The supposed un-biased media in the USA has not addressed the actual leaks (which are historical in significance) but instead choose to focus on alleged charges of sexual misconduct by the CEO by women who continued dating him for weeks after the events occurred. What about the actual leaks? Why aren't those mainstream media stories? How can the US media get away with not reporting perhaps the most significant news in US History -- which also calls into question the practice of classifying information from the public for no reason other than to obscure the public's knowledge with no risk to US security.
Lastly, where are the stories about Guantanamo and Iraqi torture centers which the President and Congress so far are unable to shut down because the US military has begun acting independently?
THIS is the real issue here. Andersen is completely biased, from my POV, every time he says "Iraqi insurgents", or reports on stories from the US perspective without acknowledging his pro-corporate/pro-financial/pro-US govt biases. Does CNN mention that the USA has never shown the evidence claimed by Bush Jr when Al Queda supposedly attacked the World Trade Center, or that Al Queda was an organization funded by Bush Sr with more than $2 billion,, or that Bush paid to fly the Bin Ladens out of the USA days after 9/11? How hard is it to see these gaps as a clearly blatant bias?

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Norma said...

You certainly have interesting, although misguided, views. Fox is fascist. Hmm. You mean it is Socialist like Nazi Germany? Or like FDR?