Letter to Representatives & Senator re: budget attack

I emailed Representative Garamendi (thru his website), Senator Feinstein (thru her website), and Senator Boxer (thru her site),

Dear Representative/ Senator,

I am very disappointed in the Democratic Party, but the current inability to defend Social Security & Medicare because of this Wall Street manufactured financial crisis takes the cake.

We don't want these things cut. We need Democrats to stand up for the people of the country.

If the Democrats cannot or will not represent the *CORE ISSUES* of the party, then please open up the discourse so 3rd Parties can have a chance to participate in our government.

We must have representation and defense from predatory groups and organizations who seek to damage the country irreparably.  These groups *are not* foreign terrorists, by the way, which are generally poor small groups. These groups are here in the USA, they possess a lot of money, power, and organization -- and the Democrats don't discuss them because they get money from them just like Republicans.

We need freedom of speech in the USA, and it must be in the congress as well. Please be bold and speak clearly and truthfully about the corruption in Washington and how our Democracy is being sold off (very cheaply) to PAC's and corporations and the ultrawealthy.

Thank you.

(my name)


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