DFA - failure is victory, truth is falseness

In response to the mass email (@ bottom) from: democracyforamerica.com
I wrote them this response:


Sorry but speaking politics here is a failure at communication.

Saying losing the recall (in Wisconsin) shows the strength of your mission?  Sorry it doesn't.

The issue is that Republicans don't represent working class, and Democrats have been negligent in representing working class.

We either need open democracy with 3rd parties, or a Democratic party that will stop lying and face the reality that Centrist politics betrays the base of the party over and over.

Please start speaking the truth!!!


The DFA email is here:

I'm not going to sugarcoat it -- we came up short in Wisconsin last night. We needed to win three seats to take back the State Senate and we got two.

This was always going to be a tough fight. These were Republican districts and these six Republican Senators were backed up by tens of millions of dollars from big corporations.

The fact that we won two of these elections and came so close in a third is a testament to the strength of our grassroots movement. ...
 The country has seen the work we've done in Wisconsin and they know we won't be stopped.

We're going to fight in Ohio, where voters have a chance to repeal another anti-union, anti-middle class law in a special referendum this November. We're going to fight in Michigan, where the governor has launched an all-out war on local governments.

We're going to fight until we win -- and next year, we're going to beat John Boehner and his right-wing Tea Party majority.

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