iPhone OS5 -- the big update is not so exciting

I think the update could be called IOS 4S also.
Basically, not very elegant in many ways.

  • bolding/italicizing in email. Gee, wouldn't a toolbar have made sense here?
  • pull down alert screen (so called notifications) -- Gee, how fun is it to manually configure each app in it's own individual menu, something you have to repeat over & over -- and the choices are *NOT* intuitive.
  • what a great OS update! Deleted *all* my apps and all my music! Thanks Apple!
  • mark email unread is now hidden under 'mark', w/choices of flag or unread. Why?
  • many changes are things I preferred the old way -- but guess what, you can't have it be that way! Why? B/c it's Apple.
  • new slider knobs are dumb, I liked the old ones.
  • AppStore has changed a lot. Now lists *every* app I ever installed. No filtering option (except search by name), so I can't just look at games, or music apps -- it's all or nothing. Not handy -- but at least now it seems to know what I bought, rather than forcing me when re-downloading to click '$2.99' again & hope I wouldn't get charged again.
  • how do you change font size / color of pull down notifications? Oh, you can't?
  • how do you change font size/color of pop up top-line notification? Oh, you can't?
  • how do you make notifications not show the preview of the email (but leave preview on in mail app)? Oh, you can't?
  • why does my battery life drop much faster now than before? I turned off 'push' and change to fetch every '15 min's so it doesn't drain noticeably while I'm using phone (iPhone 4).
Hey, I admit iOS 5 has a lot of cool new features -- but not all are 'well designed' or 'elegant', as Apple claims to be with most of it's design changes.

I do like the Calendar weekly view, I like 'flipping' the days, I like the moving timeline overlaid on the calendar.

I want to like Reminders -- but the UI sucks, doesn't integrate with Calendar (why not?), and most options are buried in a few clicks away & not so intuitive *where* to click.

Newsstand? Uh, how about no thank you?  I used a tip to file it away -- done!

Book Reader <-- hey, update erased/deleted all my books! Thanks for that, Apple!

And lastly, iCloud. Ah, yes, iCloud.  "Back up your address book, your emails, your notes, and any/all app data online" ... and then when we get hacked & have our personal data exposed to the world, have our bank accounts defrauded and our blackmailed for mistresses or porn -- do you think you have *any* recourse at putting Apple in a lawsuit? HA HA HA You *KNOW* your EULA included no liability on their part for your password sucking & someone getting all your personal data.
Your *only* protections from (yes *FROM*) iCloud insecurity are as follows: a) disable iCloud, b) disable iCloud for apps which might have any personal info you might have & perhaps your photostream, or c) hope that there are so many millions of users that the odds of you getting hacked are small.
Yes, that's right -- the cloud is *the least* secure place to post all your backup data. But, if your house catches on fire, you lose your iPhone,  or your harddrive(s) die(s), you might get some of your data & photos back.

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