Google discontinues a bunch of stuff

Google discontinues (from Google's Blog post in 9/2011)

  • Aardvark: <-- don't care
  • Desktop: <-- good!  This was such an 'invasion of space', and Google kept having messages pop up asking me to install it.
  • Fast Flip: <-- no big.
  • Google Maps API for Flash: <- don't care.
  • Google Pack: <-- another annoying Google thingie.  Bye bye!
  • Google Web Security:<-- I don't care, but some folks might.
  • Image Labeler: <-- was almost like 'hot or not' or 'rate me date me', except for *all* of Google's images.  Oh well, I don't care.  Do you?
  • Notebook: <-- Gah!  At least my Google 'bookmarks' is still around.  I was using Notebooks for awhile, and they were sorta ok, but at least they say they'll auto-export all Notebook data to Google Docs.
  • Sidewiki: Another loss!  This was cool -- if you installed Google Toolbar, you could write up notes/code/info on any sites.  The idea was to share that data w/others, but I just noting when a site was crap & reminding myself to ignore that site.  Oh well...
  • Subscribed Links: <-- don't care part 3.

  • Gee, do I find it annoying that Google decides what to continue & what to discontinue without offering up some of that IP to the masses.  Why not release that code to the world & let the opensource world choose what to continue???

    Where's the -1 button?!?!?!?!?

    I'm also ready to see Google+ hit the discontinued section.  I signed up, and have regretted it ever since.  Google+ to me is like the awkward, challenging, and annoying Google Wave (which also vanished) -- they need to hire more UI designers to help them build web-apps which are easy to use!

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