Let's vote for Obama 2012

Well, I'm not 1000% into Obama, but he's light-years better than Romney, who I see as a fascist.

A friend of mine who's quite 'Left Wing' (a fellow radical, not a 'progressive' or 'liberal') believes Obama's policies are too Right wing to earn his vote (namely: assassinating people, upgrading the drone war, continuing many Bush policies, growing the military, weakening public sector, anti-Union, pro-finance, overlooking Bush/Cheney's war crimes & corruption & 9/11 scandal, etc) -- but in a 2 party system I feel compelled to vote for one of the 2.
I wish it was NOT a 2 party system, and I wish Obama was a Left-winger, but for today I'll work with what exists.

So here's some fun stuff:
Sam L Jackson's Obama Ad

It's worth watching, funny, and paid for by the "Jewish Council for Education & Research" (?!?!), see http://jcer.info (their website).

Sarah Silverman, "Let my people vote" video,

I took at look & found Sarah Silverman's Obama ad, "The Great Schlep", also *hilarious* (From prvs 2008 election).

Somewhat related last tidbits:
  • If you have Netflix or Cable/DISH/U-verse (or similar way to get media), I hope you can give Sarah Silverman's "Jesus is Magic" movie a viewing (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0422528/).  You may cry with laughter, or you might hate it.  I thought it was amazing -- bought the DVD, have watched it 10x.
  • I had to edit this blog in Firefox b/c I couldn't edit the html in Chrome browser!  (But Google makes blogger!!!  --->  FAIL!!!)

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