Star Wars -- didn't the Empire win 'IRL'?

I've been elated, like many USA citizens, about the revival of the Star Wars films by a talented organization.

I'm very excited that the new material will bring a revival of amazing sci-fi films with depth, range, scope, and an ability to reflect back on our society in many ways.

But it certainly strikes a strange chord to watch the rebirth of the "Empire vs Rebellion" scenario in 2015 as a 40 something worker who is essentially disenfranchised, currently unable to gain full-time employment (and still collecting unemployment benefits), and barely making things work financially.  And we, the bottom class of USA, are supposed to be doing so much better than so much of the rest of the world!

So my point is -- it certainly seems like The Empire has won, and the various Rebellions that exist have next to no power.

Empire = billionaires, military industrial complex, big pharma, media conglomerates, Oil & Nuclear Power, medical insurance industries, GM foods, & animal slaughter industries -- or to encapsulate (but generalize), The Evil Empire.  Includes CIA, NSA, and contractor mercenary forces.

Rebellion -- there are so many, but a quick survey includes:
Social dissidents within the system: ie Thrashers, Punks, most Left-Wing Activists (ie environmentalists, whistle blowers/leakers), Right Wing Christian survivalists, radical artists, gender issue activists, and political radicals.
Social dissidents outside the system: 3rd World Activists, Native American People, ultra-poor & derelicts & homeless, (slave/exploited) 'labor pool' countries, many ex-convicts, illegal immigrants & migrant workers, and anti-capitalists.
Combatants with Empire: radical Islamic Jyhadists, fake terrorists / false flag war provocateurs, and assorted lunatics & fringe groups.

(So this is one reason I see Bernie Sanders as a ray of hope.  He's technically a social dissidents within the system, but his foundation position is pro-people rather than pro-empire.)

Thus, the Star Wars "Rebellions vs Empire" which is now produced by the Hollywood Empire (Disney) & likely unable to articulate any relevant message about rising up against oppression.

I bet I will like it anyway, but at Star Wars' core is the concept of radical uprising, self-empowerment, and mysticism beating the White man's world of techno fetishism.

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