Underworld: Blood Wars CCG on Android -- a 4* game! Review & Strategy

Underworld: Blood Wars is a F2P (free to play) CCG (collectible card game) by Ludia on Android, and it's good.

The game allows you to play one of several Champions, build a deck with that Champion's cards + Neutral cards, and face off against other players.  In gameplay, players pay fangs from a replenishing pool to play cards, and deploy cards strategically in 4 zones on the game board.

I like Underworld better than Hearthstone.  Why?  Bc I like the Vampires vs Lycans vs Humans scenario better than generic (strange) Hearthstone fantasy setting, AND bc the game is straightforward and quick.

I'm new to playing, and I'm certainly no expert, but I'd give the game 4 stars already.  (It'd be a 5* game if it didn't have so many timers.)

So for you, readers, I can offer some strategy suggestions (and please comment yours), which I've gathered from gameplay and reading online a bit:

  • If you're ranged, shoot.  If you're melee, get up close. (With a caveat.)
  • Leveling your Champion (main character) can be an effective strategy.  You do this by having your associates get axed (so try to get your weenies shot on the front line!!) or killing opponent cards with your Champion.  Using pawns as cannon fodder also can be effective.
  • I like to exchange damage every turn with their hero to speed up the game, but I get more precise when my hero is near 10 HP.  (10 HP is a 1-round quick kill near the end, often easy to execute. Generally it's unwise to be on the front line with 10HP or less!!)
  • I like heal cards.  Hitting opponent for 4 dmg is good (altho I likely get hit back!), but healing 4 can make a disparity between us that I can exploit.  Damage cards are also nice.
  • Caveat -- if other player is ranged & I close in, I may be able to neutralize them.  Likewise, if opponent is melee and I keep my hero far back, I may be able to make their melee ineffective for long enough to spray them down with bullets.
  • Cards that say "recon, start of turn, end of turn, ferocity" can potentially have their effects multiple times.  "Awakening" is a one-time effect when they come in, and "revenge" is when the card is killed.  Some cards effects are while the card is in play, others are "for this turn", and some add permanent boosts to a card's stats.  "Defend" cards must be targeted in their zone FIRST (or moved).
  • Dual currencies: this is a gripe for me, but it's standard for F2P games nowadays.  Gold is won, can buy packs, and can be bought with real $$.  Gold is 200 for $2 (& cheaper the more you buy), and card packs are between 200 & 500 gold.  Epic packs can be acquired by finishing Daily Mission (changed every 12 hours).  Blood also come from packs, and is for acquiring cards directly.  Buying a common is 250 blood, rare 650, epic is 1500 , and each legendary card is 5000 blood.  The basic cards come with each Champion.

As to which cards are awesome, I can't offer a big list yet bc I'm a newbie.  What are YOUR favs & why?

There IS Blood Soldiers (David), a card that makes pawns when it recons (ie moves zones?), and another, Vampire Recruiter (David), that makes pawns when it gets shot.  That seems pretty sweet, esp if you can combine that with a card that pumps pawns.  I don't have those cards yet, but I've gotten KO'd that way by a Lycan.

My first Blood purchase was: Sentry Team, which gives a +1melee to a random Vampire every round.

Quinn's Pack Tactics (+4 melee to all friendly Lycans) seems very strong.

My latest tendency is to play Melee Lycans and dominate the first 3 zones.  The advantage is it neutralizes the other team's ranged attacks against my Champion AND limits them to 3 units + their Champion.  If I have higher Melee and out those in front, I win on hits (from them) so missing that first attack when I move in is less important.  I try to line my Home zone with units that affect the whole board, then my combat zone with ranged, and their combat zone with my Champion + melee units.  If I need to fall back, I try to keep a Defend card to play & move that to my Combat Zone when my Champion falls back.

Best of luck, enjoy the game, and please tell me what you discover!!

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