Flawed Google Play Store & Apple App Store

I've been meaning to write this for years now.  The concept of having a software store built in to a device is genius.  The inability to find great software, coupled with a tidal wave of junk and spam and horrible f2p p2w IAP stores with mediocre games, has damaged the genius concept, making it mediocre.

The two biggest mobile app stores (Google & Apple) are horribly, painfully flawed.  Is it deliberate or negligent, or some mix of the two?

Both mobile app stores need:

  • a method of filtering out junk apps,
  • a method of filtering out specific developers,
  • better review methods, and perhaps showing app ratings from respected review sites,
  • an expanded wishlist where users can leave comments & notes,
  • a method of denying certain apps unnecessary permissions while still allowing use,
  • a variety of methods for users to evaluate apps, share those evaluations, and annotate their experiences to the community (*without being forced to go to the devs forum*)
  • a simple method to block foolish reviewers, spam reviewers, and trolls,
  • enhanced search so users can find specific apps with specific features & functionality.
It seems like an opportunity for another developer to disrupt by creatimg an alternative app store interface, monetizing it with subtle ads, and building a strong user community.

AppZapp did this for IOS, although I've been Android for awhile now so I haven't followed their progress -- but I was very disappointed with their Android version.

If anyone can recommend a great appstore alternative, please post a comment!

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