WRONG!!! Monica Potts article 'Single Payer Medical is bad for jobs' from Vice. NO WAY!

Read a horrible article in Vice by Monica Potts https://www.vice.com/amp/en_us/article/3kabqb/the-single-payer-problem-liberals-dont-want-to-talk-about

The article had no comments, so I had to find her & respond & now Im posting all that here.  I refuse to allow her claim that 'socialized medicine (Single Payer) as being bad for jobs' to go unchallenged.

This is what I wrote her:


The USA has a bloated, demonic, corrupted Health Care system which does provide jobs for people.

Wouldn't a socilized medical system do the same?

Your argument is bust bc anything can be defended based on the jobs provided; but nukes and toxic chemicals and secret weapons are not good for humanity (and other creatures) EVEN IF those endeavors pay good people ... along with the vampires of the upper classes.

The clear logic here is not that jobs will be lost, but rather that the profit motive is killing people in the USA.

If you want to write something edgy, why not go after capitalism's failure to make USA medical systems work?  Why not point out how disgusting it is for CEOs to make 5-10 million when people in their hospitals go broke from illness and lose everything?  Why not find a point with real grit?

Comcast is the worst company I've ever experienced, had the worst prices amd service, and yet I was stuck with them for years bc they have a monopoly.  In the USA, private medical has a crushing control over working people with little interest in our preferences or our needs.

If a pill can resolve depression faster than talk therapy over 2 years, give them a pill bc its cheaper!  Even though a pill wont address the underlying issues or provide compassion.

In Europe, Australia, and Israel, I had to see a doctor.  Those were remarkable experiences for me bc they were humane, they practiced the core of mediicine -- caring for a person *over all else*, and they didn't make much money from me.  And they had jobs.

But another failing of your article is that jobs are not a goal.  Jobs are a tool to be used to connect points with advancement.  But once society reaches a certain level, jobs are less needed -- but people are not.  So they key is separating the value of human existence from the cruel fiction of money, jobs, and property.

Can you do that for me, please?



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