Crooks & - Thank you

Jon Stewart -- he delivers!
If that's not clear enough, what the heck is?!??!
(His speech follows the tradition of another American hero, Michael Moore, at his Oscar performance.)

I can't imagine how hard it must be to tell the truth from THE HEART of the propoganda machine -- at their own awards ceremony. (I've had major stage fright giving presentations in Spanish class, or teaching 300 people how to use software, or playing bass in a gig with my last band. Not quite the same scale! HA HA)

One worry is that media can actually consume it's own 'counter-media', and rather than spawning any true 'anti-fascist' actions, counter-media may encourage media consumers to just sit & watch the battles for their world on TV.

Corinna & I are having a 'sign-making' party in Berkeley in preparation for the SF Peace Rally supporting the huge March on Washington on 9/24 @ 11am @ Dolores Park.

The marchers have permits to protest directly in front of the White House! I was amazed to hear that. They're estimating at least 500k marchers in Washington, DC! To me, that's Democracy: people demanding representation.

To quote a beautiful slogan, "Don't Tread on Me!" and "No Taxation Without Representation!" Some parts of history are cyclical -- sorta.

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