Game Obsession -- Eye of Rana and Rocketmen

OK, so I love these games. And I'm 34 years old. And I've never played them. So I guess it's a bad sign, eh? HA HA

Eye of Rana

First, Eye of Rana. It's a copy of my all-time favorite computer game, Rogue (although I always preferred other copies of Rogue, called Rogue-Likes.) And you can play this game on a cellphone. That's awesome...
It was a great time-waster then, and it is still. It never had the graphics, and that was fine -- it has randomness, replayability, and strategy. A rare combo. Diablo, Doom, and other games were at least partially inspired by Rogue, although Rogue was never graphically violent.


As for Rocketmen, I really like the little space ship models. They're awesome. I bought a pack of their Pirates game, b/c they looked so damned cool. And the gameplay is simple, and somehow elegant.

Yes, I am game obsessed. :)

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