Friendly Fascism RANT

The biggest problem with Fascist countries was the popular oppression required to support Fascism. Now that we have Friendly Fascism, it's a different beast entirely. The oppression is primarily in the form of fear and paranoia, for the effect of 'divide and conquer', so that the rich and corporations and military can interact without public influence or control. This is how the environment becomes decimated, societies ruined, and natural resources squandered.
Is Friendly Fascism effective? Well, Enron's heads will get out w/minimal fines and minimal amounts of jail time for America's biggest swindle in history, so I think it works. Plus look at oil profits and Haliburton's no-bid contracts. Bush is doing great for BIG MONEY.

I don't really have to argue w/someone who supports Bush and opposes the S.American Left-Wing governments, b/c we must be seeing the world so differently there may be no overlap. That person probably believes the American myth of pulling themself up by their bootstraps, rather than being lucky to be born a priviledged person in the most priviledged society on Earth.
Even homeless people in the USA have it better than the lower classes of people in Viet Nam, Thailand, or any other '3rd world trading ally' of the USA. I had never seen things so bad until I went & visited.

The World Bank & WTC see rioting wherever they go b/c their goal is to force poor countries to scrap their social programs so they can squeeze more $$$ out into trade, and link up corporations with military and government. In the long run, this crushes the poor and gives the rich more power and control.

I'm not a pinko, but it's important to see things in terms of classes, b/c the whole world operates that way. Only in the USA are people dumbed down enough to not realize they are at the bottom.

I'm not a Marxist per se, nor is Chavez, b/c neither of us advocates using force to overthrow oppressive social structures. He may claim a right to reclaim state resources by force, or push out foreign capitalists that exploit. I have no problem with that, I'd like to see it done here too, and along with that a cap on the maximum profit in a business.
I do believe along the lines of MLK and Gandhi, that non-compliance with oppressors is the key to liberation. Liberal is derived from liberation, not 'looseness' or lack of reservations.

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