Stephen Colbert Roasts Bush

Did everyone see the Steven Colbert 'Roast' of Pres Bush? CLASSIC!!!
Right & Left alike will surely get a chuckle. You gotta admire the cojones of this guy!!

All the direct links I had are gone, except Democracy Now's re-broadcast in RealAudio.

Why do I continue criticizing the USA? B/c I'm a citizen of the USA. I believe it is patriotic to be outspoken in criticizing my country when it makes huge mistakes. Maybe other people have different ideas of what constitutes patriotism?

I admire Michael Moore, John Stewart, Amy Goodman, and now Steven Colbert. I think they have guts and are very brave people. I think they are truly American patriots.

I am not saying they don't 'spin' things as well, b/c everyone does (I learned that BIAS is a constant in studying US History @ UCSD).
I do like when the facts make it thru the bias.

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