Conservative of what, and Neo-Con Fear Tactics

So just what are Conservatives so busy conserving? Have you ever thought about it?
The name Conservative, to me at least, implies 'calm, steady, reserved, wise'. Someone who takes careful and deliberate actions.

However, the policies that today's American Neo-Con groups push for are always "white domination over color, wealth domination over poverty, male domination over female, and American domination over the rest of the world".

So I ask you, what are they conserving?
My answer -- the Roman Christian Empire.
If the Roman Empire really fell, they want it to back.

Frankly, after I graduated from UCSD in '92 with a BA in US History, I felt like I'd discovered a truth: that the Roman Empire never fell, it just 'went underground' rebranded as Christianity, and that the Roman Christian Empire is still growing today, expanding & conquering.

Some may say this is more paranoid ravings from a whacko conspiracy-theory obsessed Jew, but let me ask this simple question:
Why do successful American men shave their faces in society?
Where does the American obsession with youth, the obsession with newness, and the need to express virility by penetrating or dominating any nearby unlucky entity come from?

Let's talk about Neo-Con FEAR Tactics
Fear is important to be discussing right now b/c the Right Wing Neo-Con govt shows their expertise at manipulating the people thru fear. It's amazing how effective it is.

I love in Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' there's a scene that shows how afraid a nowhere town in the boonies was of getting hit by terrorists. It was impressive.

Anyway, so my point is: I think everyone should read '1984' by George Orwell.
There are pieces of the modern day puzzle that are so clear after I re-read that book a few months back. It's all outlined there: double think, propagandism, crazy slogans like 'war is peace', and then Goldsten (cough! Osama Bin Laden!) as the former ally-turned-traitor that can never be caught but allows all of fundamental human rights to get tossed out the window over security concerns.

I'm somewhat concerned that it looks like the Fascist Neo-Con Think Tanks read the book and are using it as their game plan.

I re-posted and modified this from a comment I posted on Noreen's Blog Commentary on FEARISTS.

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